12 Months of Giving: Christmas Cheer Board

As part of our 12 Months of Giving resolution, Planet Drugs Direct is fundraising for the Christmas Cheer Board throughout the month of December. The holidays are a popular time for helping those in need, and the Christmas Cheer Board, a community-based organization, was selected as our cause of the month for the incredible contributions that it makes for low-income families throughout the Winnipeg area. We’ve engaged in fundraising activities for the Christmas Cheer Board before and are thrilled to be doing so again in 2015. Our employees have made numerous donations to the cause, and a local family that we’ve sponsored will receive a special hamper from the organization.

About the Christmas Cheer Board

The Christmas Cheer Board was founded in 1919 to assist surviving relatives of soldiers who perished during World War I. Area churches banded together to gather supplies for needy families in the local area during the holidays, and a tradition was born. Today, the organization donates well-stocked hampers to more than 19,000 families in the local area. The hampers are loaded with goodies like toys, fruits, vegetables, turkeys, hams, canned goods and other goods. Planet Drugs Direct is pleased to do our part to assist this organization once more.

Doing Our Part

Since our founding, Planet Drugs Direct has been committed to doing our part to give back to the local community. We know that our success depends on the continued support and patronage of area residents, and we take joy in giving back however we can. Our 12 Months of Giving initiative is a prime example. Rather than make donations solely around the holiday season, we have committed to donating our time, resources and efforts to good causes every month of the year. A different cause or organization is selected each month, and the Christmas Cheer Board is a natural choice for the month of December.

A Tradition of Giving

Employees of Planet Drugs Direct have been making donations for a hamper that will be donated to a local family that we have selected to sponsor for this year’s holiday season. The hamper will be presented to the family when the month-long drive is over. In the meantime, we are happy to collect donations from local residents who would like to assist us in our efforts. Every little bit helps, so if you would like to make a donation for the Christmas Cheer Board drive, please let us know.