12 Months of Giving: The American Cancer Society

Planet Drugs Direct is still actively involved in charitable causes benefiting various worthy organizations in the process. Our June fundraising effort will be focused on gathering donations for American Cancer Society. The event will take place in our facility and consist of employee attended Bar-B-Que. All proceeds will go directly to the ACS along with our lifelong support. The occasion will be fully organized by members of our staff who volunteer their time and creativity to make this campaign a success.

Our common objective is to generate the funds and raise awareness of each charity we support by planning, promoting and holding every philanthropic event. We attract the attention of our patrons and help to establish the reputation of the humanitarian organizations we are passionate about. Planet Drugs Direct works as a team in setting the goals and diligently strives to achieve them.

Our hope is to host fundraisers which will create promotional opportunities and attract sponsorship for the future in efforts to continue our support on a continuous basis. We also motivate the members of our community as well as each other to build strong support and relationships with the organizations our company endorses.

American Cancer Society celebrated its 100th birthday in 2013. At the time of its conception, cancer was approached with caution and fear. It immediately became apparent that by raising public awareness, more physicians, researchers and scientists as well as patients stricken with the disease, will join the crusade against cancer.

The cancer research program was established over 70 years ago with actively involved society-funded scientists and has since contributed to almost all of the breakthroughs over the last century. In 1971 National Cancer Act was passed granting special funds in the fight with cancer. To date, more than $4 billion was dedicated to research, recognition and treatment of this once incurable disease.

American Cancer Society has also adapted a new role as a vehicle for education and prevention. Because of its efforts to spread the information, numerous organizations, private patrons and the governmental entities have contributed to the cause successfully saving 14.5 million lives in US alone. Statistics show that every day, nearly 500 cancer survivors are being rescued due to the treatments created and available partly because of the dedicated work of ACS. National Cancer Institute in cooperation with American Cancer Society has been able to provide additional resources, educational materials, public forums and media vehicles with most updated information as it becomes available.