12 Months of Giving: The American Diabetes Association

The American Diabetes Association is a non-profit organization celebrating its 75 years of research and making a difference in finding a cure. Single donations can be made in any dollar increments. Those who choose to become monthly supporters can spread their generosity by sending small monthly monetary gifts over any period of time they choose. Every dollar counts and helps the charity to continue the work of their dedicated staff.

On May 20, 2015, Planet Drugs Direct will be hosting a fundraiser for The American Diabetes Association as part of “12 Months of Giving” resolution. Our goal is to donate to a different charity every month. The event will be held at the office and will consist of selling water balloons.

  • Single balloon – $2
  • 3 balloons – $5
  • 10 balloons – $10

Rules are as follow:

  • An employee can throw the balloon at the supervisor of their choice.
  • Throwing at the face is not allowed.
  • The target will have to be hit from approximately 3-4 meter distance.

PlanetDrugsDirect.com is proud to be a part of such a worthy cause and actively participates in fundraising efforts by providing their customers with a round-the-clock patient assistance along with a myriad of medications available at the lowest possible prices. The company is dedicated to operate above and beyond required regulations by having licensed pharmacists on staff seven days per week.

The American Diabetes Association is the leading charity that has invested nearly $675 million in research supporting finding the cure for diabetes. The organization continuously recruits scientists who are focused on the cause. Through their commitment, new programs are being developed and launched to accelerate the process and acquire constant funding needed to advance the research.

Educating the public about the risk and impact of diabetes is one of the key components in fight against the diabetes. By promoting healthy lifestyle and encouraging people to seek proper clinical care, the organization diligently works to stop the spread of diabetes. Through the use of social media and locally held meetings, the charity broadens awareness and continues to stimulate the public to become involved.

American Diabetes Association has become the trusted voice in the community and continues to provide most relevant information as it becomes available. The outreach efforts attract the primary care providers, celebrities and local business owners to join the organization and actively participate in ongoing research and public education.