Almost everyone gets the occasional spot as a teenager and some people may even get them occasionally as an adult. However acne is a condition that can be very severe and can greatly affect an individual’s quality of life. If your spots bother you then you should know that there are many treatments out there that can help and you should never hesitate to visit your doctor to get it under control. Acne is also known as acne vulgaris and is basically when spots or pimples form on the face. The reason that they occur is because your skin has a number of small holes in it known as pores that are responsible for allowing the skin to ventilate. In acne these pores become blocked and the natural oil in the skin will build up behind them. There are many rumors that acne can be caused by chocolate and other treats or by not thoroughly washing the skin. However this is all myth and there is no good evidence to support any of this.

As mentioned earlier acne usually means that you suffer from multiple spots on your face. However there are also other areas where you can get acne, such as on your back, neck, arms and/or chest. Acne often comes in the form of blackheads that look like small black marks or whiteheads that look like little white bumps. Some of the spots may become red and inflamed and if these are bad enough then they can result in scaring after they heal. If you have spots that look bad and you think that they may leave a scar you must seek treatment immediately.

In most cases acne will go away by itself however this may take years and most people do not like the appearance of the face that acne creates. You should not simply wait years for the acne to reside and should instead seek treatment as soon as the acne becomes a problem for you. There are many good treatments available in both cream and tablet form and they can help you to get rid of acne in just a few months. If the first treatment you try does not help then you must not give up and instead return to your doctor where they can offer you another form of treatment. Always remember that just because a particular treatment did not work for your friend does not mean that it will not work for you.