It is common for everyone to feel anxious at certain times. In fact it would be quite worrying if you were the kind of person who never got anxious about anything. However it is not normal to be anxious all of the time and if you become anxious so often that you are unable to perform your daily activities then you may be said to suffer from anxiety.

There are many treatments available now that can help you to feel less anxious and so you should seek help if you think that anxiety is a problem for you.

Firstly it should be emphasized that anxiety also called worry is a normal human emotion. There are things in life that make people anxious such as; not having enough money to pay the bills, not being able to get a job, or being worried about our appearance. Most people can deal with this amount of anxiety and despite it being an annoying emotion, it is actually quite important as we would be in trouble of we did not worry about these things. However when you no longer are able to perform everyday activities because you are so concerned about things, this is an illness and you need to seek help.

People who suffer from anxiety as a condition find that they are unable to stop worrying about certain things. The level of anxiety can become so severe that it can make people feel tired and ill. This condition is known is medical terms by the name generalized anxiety disorder, however is often called anxiety for simplicity. There are a number of treatments including both medications and talking based therapy that has good evidence behind it and shows some very promising results. You should first visit your family doctor if you think that you may suffer from anxiety and they can make the appropriate referrals for you.