Big, Bad Pharma

Although the U.S. pharmaceutical industry capitalizes on our need for prescription drugs by charging unfairly high prices, states that border Canada have discovered a secret that allowed them to relieve budgetary issues by saving money on the medications they need through importing prescription drugs from Canada and using online prescription referral services. Saving money isn’t the only perk, though. Read on to discover the advantages of ordering drugs online yourself and avoiding supporting big, bad pharma.

Cost Savings

The most obvious advantage of importing drugs is the cost savings it provides. The U.S. population, especially the elderly, is overwhelmed by steeply rising costs for health care. Prescription drugs are a large factor in those costs. With drugs from Canada and other countries, such as the UK, costing between one third and half of what they do in the United States, importing drugs offers a clear savings.

As an example, over an eight-year period, one U.S. border state realized a savings of over $3 million when its inhabitants ordered medications from a Canadian prescription referral service in place of its traditional health insurance provider. For one popular drug, they paid more than $400 less per 90-day supply, which is a large savings for people who regularly take prescription drugs.


Although big pharma and the Food and Drug Administration argue that U.S. drugs are better regulated and therefore safer than those coming from Canada, such regulations are responsible for driving up costs and limiting competition. At the same time, Canadian prescription referral services offer similarly safe products, which people use to manage their own health conditions. These drugs undergo quality control just like drugs produced in the United States, and a recent study verified their safety. States that have already used Canadian prescription referral services found no differences in the safety of the drugs its inhabitants used.

Convenience and Confidentiality

Finally, thanks to the Internet, importing prescription drugs is simple, convenient and discreet. In the past, importing drugs required a trip across the border. Now, from the convenience of your home computer, you can order drugs from Canadian prescription referral services such as and know that they will arrive at your doorstep. This is particularly advantageous for people who have difficulty getting to a pharmacy, including elderly and disabled people.

An added bonus to the convenience afforded by shopping at home is the confidentiality of the process. Especially if you take drugs such oral contraceptives or those used to treat erectile dysfunction, for example, or if you prefer not to disclose a serious illness to acquaintances you might see at the pharmacy, ordering online is a discreet option.

Importing drugs from Canadian prescription referral services challenges the hold big pharma has on the U.S. health care system by providing a low-cost, safe, convenient and confidential alternative.