Buyer Beware: Why You Should Only Buy Drugs From Legitimate Websites

For several people, prescription drugs have become costly. This is especially true for those without healthcare insurance. However, with use of the Internet, online perscription referral services have sprung up. The costs of these prescription drugs can be regulated; whereas, the costs of prescription drugs in the US are not. People use online perscription referral services to obtain their prescription drugs at a fraction of the price it would otherwise cost them.

However, it’s important to note that not all online perscription referral services are the same. Some are recommended and others are not. With the growing demand of Americans seeking to purchase their prescription drugs online, there also became a growing need to display adequate information about each online perscription referral service so that people could make informed decisions regarding their health and safety.

An online perscription referral services can be established in a matter of minutes and by anyone. This poses a threat to customers as some online perscription referral services sell drugs that are either ineffective or are outright harmful. For example, someone may need heart medication and receive nothing more than sugar pills while others need a certain amount of an active ingredient that either has too much or not enough. Customers with ineffective medication could prove fatal. It has also been found that some medications provided by bogus online perscription referral services contained arsenic and rat poison. Other potential issues could mean dangerous side effects. It’s essential to seek out legitimate online perscription referral services.

Two sources help to secure safe prescription drugs online at a fraction of the price. One is and the other is the Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA). and CIPA help to identify the reputation of online perscription referral services and compare their prices with other online perscription referral services. displays information to potential customers regarding prices and how they compare with other online sites and similar products if the information is made available. They check each online perscription referral service’s license on appropriate pharmacy boards. In addition, provides online pharmacy profiles to display their procedures, policies, contact information and other pertinent information. Further, is independently owned and it not affiliated with any manufacturer or pharmacy, which means that customers receive unbiased information regarding online perscription referral services.

CIPA is a Canadian association that is comprised of licensed, retail perscription referral services. The online perscription referral services they recommend carry authentic CIPA seals. It’s important to note that not all online perscription referral services displaying the CIPA seal are authentic. It’s best to check directly through their site, which provides direct links to online perscription referral services they recommend. Each member of the CIPA pharmacy is regulated and licensed by the government, which ensures their safety. CIPA also assists customers with providing them a way to send in their valid prescriptions, maintaining individual health profiles, keeping a licensed pharmacist on-hand to supervise dispensing and ensures customer confidentiality.

It’s possible to identifyonline perscription referral services as CIPA-sealed through “Verify a CIPA Member Website” through the CIPA site. Just because an online perscription referral service claims to be CIPA sealed, it doesn’t mean they are. This is especially true if they carry the signature of either Jared Caughey or Steven D. Levitt. Each CIPA seal should reveal a verification message when it is directly clicked as well. For those websites that cannot be immediately identified, it’s possible to email CIPA so that they can look into the matter.

It’s prudent to obtain cost-efficient prescription medications, but it’s equally prudent to check online perscription referral services’ reputations. Reputable online perscription referral services ensure the drugs customers receive are the right prescription medications to avoid adverse health effects. It’s worth the time to check into an online perscription referral service’s reputation to maintain good health.

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