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U.S. Seniors Struggle to Pay for Health Care More Than Other Countries

Seniors in United States- those over the age of 65, face a lot of difficulty in paying for their health care. Research indicates that the US dawdles in seniors’ health care as compared to other affluent countries. This, however, does not mean that they don’t have access to health insurance. Every US citizen over the […]

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Cancer Patients: Skipping Treatment Due To Unaffordable Drugs

A October 24, 2017 report on talked about cancer patient treatment in the United States of America. One of the biggest topics raised in the article is the tragic fact that cancer patients these days are ignoring their therapy because of the high costs of cancer care. About one-quarter of their cancer patients are […]

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Big Pharma Watch: Senate Report Says Opioid Company Mislead Patients and Insurers

Big Pharma is once again in hot water with the U.S. government for its overly aggressive — and possibly illegal — marketing of opioids. The results of a Senate investigation released in early September detail how Arizona-based pharmaceutical company Insys Therapeutics consistently lied and misled insurance companies to increase sales of a painkiller containing the […]

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A Look At The 10 Most Expensive Disease Treatments in America

With insurance premiums constantly increasing, it’s getting harder and harder to fulfill one of life’s basic functions: staying alive. And with for-profit pharmaceutical companies looking to line their pockets, it should come as no surprise that healthcare costs are skyrocketing as well. If you are especially unlucky, you may find yourself in a health situation […]

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Big Pharma: Cashing in on Cancer

There’s little doubt that the pharmaceutical industry has brought many life-saving medications to people throughout the world. Unfortunately, this industry also has a dark side. Big Pharma’s relentless search for ever-increasing profits has betrayed many who were vulnerable and seriously ill. The Plot: Destroying Cancer Drugs in Order to Raise the Price In a James […]

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Is Big Pharma Losing Their Muscle?

Conventionally, working your way to the top is way easier than maintaining the position up there. Many forces, legitimate or not, work towards beating you for that coveted position. Individuals, small business enterprises, and even the multinational corporations are subject to this process, which seems to be part of a life curve. There is a […]

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Naloxone is Reducing Opioid Overdose Deaths

The opioid problem in the United States has worsened dramatically in the past 20 years, with opioid overdose deaths steadily increasing since 1999. More than 28,000 people died from opioid overdose in 2014, and more than 33,000 people died from opioid overdose in 2015. Unfortunately, the numbers continue to climb. Opioids include prescription painkillers like […]

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Big Pharma Has Been Lining The Pockets Of Trump’s FDA Pick

Donald Trump has nominated Dr. Scott Gottlieb to lead the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Observers have noted the possible conflict of interest. Dr. Gottlieb is alleged to have received millions of dollars from the pharmaceutical industry, including the manufacturers of opioid medications. On Wednesday, March 29, Trump signed an executive order creating a […]

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Big Pharma and Big Fraud

More people need to be on prescription drugs than ever before. As the population ages and people’s conditions become more difficult to manage there will be an increased need for safe, reliable and effective drugs. However in recent years there has been a flood of lawsuits against major drug companies for hiding information about unsafe […]

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Personal Importation: Saving Lives

Millions of Americans face a difficult situation – how can they afford the expensive prescription medications that they need? These aren’t luxury items, as people need their prescriptions to reduce pain, breathe normally, or even to live. Without their prescriptions, people can’t stay healthy and their quality of life suffers. It’s hard for working Americans […]

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