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Who Is Next In Line for The COVID-19 Vaccine?

The COVID-19 vaccination rollout is still in progress, with many individuals getting their first doses every day. What’s difficult for many to understand, though, is how these vaccines will be rolled out. With much of the United States still dealing with rising numbers and many individuals hoping to return to something resembling normalcy, the lack […]

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How Quick You Do Stairs May Help Determine Your Heart Health

You might not need all of the monitors and trackers to ensure your heart health is on track. The free, simple test of the health of your heart could be near you. If you’re able to climb four flights of stairs in under one minute, your heart health is in good hands. The Study A […]

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What Experts Think About Schools Reopening

The quarantine period has everyone stuck at home all day long. Schools, offices, and events were closed down to avoid the spread of the virus. However, as time passes by, people will slowly return to their normal lives. Therefore, people are advised to be familiar with safety measures when they are in public areas. Just […]

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Can Screen Time Affect Children’s Language Skills?

It is increasingly easy to sit children down in front of a screen to keep them occupied while the adults work, talk or cook. However, too much screen time can seriously impede child development and may make it more difficult for children to keep up with the target language skill range for their age group. […]

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5 Tips for Spotting Fake Health News

It seems everyone has an opinion when it comes to the news. The problem is that many of these opinions get spun into actual news. As the news of the pandemic and other health issues hits our news feeds, many people find it difficult to know what’s the right thing to believe. We’ve got five […]

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Pets: Pandemic Stress Reducing Superheroes

We are living in unprecedented times. A worldwide pandemic, civil unrest, and job layoffs threaten even the most centered person’s sanity. With all of this chaos and unpredictability going on, we need time to devote to our physical and mental health more than ever. It may seem like taking the dog for a walk or […]

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Coronavirus Vaccine Status Update

COVID-19, a highly infectious disease caused by a coronavirus and that began in Wuhan, China has now infected more than 7.4 million people globally, with deaths being over 400,000. The disease has led to shut down of many businesses as many countries go into lockdown in efforts to contain the spread of the disease. The […]

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Ways Alcohol Can Affect Your Immune System

A strong immune system helps to fight off bacterial and viral infections that cause various illnesses. However, alcohol can adversely affect the immune system, making the body more vulnerable to infections and respiratory illnesses. Alcohol is a substance that contains ethanol. Ethanol is the active ingredient in alcoholic beverages. Ethanol builds up in the body […]

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Decoding Your Stress Levels With Your Social Media Posts

As the coronavirus has spread worldwide, many countries are enforcing quarantine, the United States included. While some areas have begun to lessen these restrictions and open up again, many cities and states are still enforcing stay-at-home measures. Some individuals have used this time to reflect upon themselves and make changes in their day to day […]

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Increased Screen Time? Here’s How You Can Protect Your Eyes

Chances are you spend at least a few hours a day looking at a computer, tablet, phone, or other type of technology. Nowadays, you probably spend a lot more time looking at a screen. Well, staring at a computer screen can be hard on your eyes. Fortunately, there are some tips that can help you […]

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