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Top American Employers Fighting Back Against Big Pharma

Corporate America has a thorny problem. And the name of that problem is Big Pharma. The copay system in American healthcare is where employees who hold healthcare policies pay a particular amount out of their pocket for medical costs at the point of care. This system has come under scrutiny in the recent past and […]

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Why You Should Get a Flu Shot

Reasons to Get The Flu Vaccine With the arrival of autumn, the new flu shots for the winter flu season are now available. The CDC estimates that only 45 percent of Americans receive flu shots in any given year. The flu sickens up to 20 percent of the total U.S. population, resulting in more than […]

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Big Pharma Exec Says he Has “Moral Requirement” to Hike Price 400%

There are thousands of horror stories of consumers being overcharged for pharmaceuticals. Unsuspecting customers arrive at the pharmacy only to find that the medicine which will make them better comes to a total bill in the thousands. People die every day not because there is no cure for what disease or ailment that they might […]

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Study Shows Drug Prices Rise When In Short Supply

The cost of healthcare has been on an upward spiral. Patients decry the rising costs of insurance and a narrowing coverage spectrum. What one cannot afford in insurance premiums, he or she has to pay in out-of-pocket payments that continue to skyrocket by the day. The recent revelation by Associated Press that medicine price increment […]

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Ghostwriting in Medical Journals

The medical profession in America faces complex challenges in the 21st century. Medical Ghostwriting is a challenge that threatens the credibility and integrity of professional medical publications and highly trained medical providers. HISTORY OF GHOSTWRITING The phenomenon of ghostwriting is not new. Fiction writers and autobiographers often enlist the services of a ghostwriter to enhance […]

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Big Pharma Under Fire Again

The opioid epidemic has caused much devastation throughout the country, shattering lives and ruining families. One of the more heartbreaking consequences of the epidemic is the effect that it has had on newborn children whose mothers took opioids during the course of their pregnancy. These children have experienced withdrawal symptoms after they have been born […]

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Americans Deserve Access to Safe and Affordable Medication

People in the U.S. spend more money on medications than consumers in any other part of the world. Huffington Post published the alarming statistic that 25 percent of Americans are struggling to afford their daily medications. Healthline reports that Canada sells medications for as much as 40 to 60 percent less than U.S. prices. That’s […]

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The Trump Administration and the War on Big Pharma

For years, the price of health care has been rising. Along with that, the price of drugs has also been going up. This places people who need medications at a severe disadvantage. Not very many people can afford drugs without any help and help has been slowly going away. The problem has been ignored by […]

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Big Pharma: Extorting Cancer Patients

Cancer is a terrible disease that afflicts the lives of many unsuspecting United States citizens. One day, they will be living a happy a healthy life. The next, they will be unable to breathe. For some, the progression of the cancer may go much slower and may even be unnoticeable for a long time. Regardless, […]

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Why Big Pharma Pays Your Doctor

The Truth Behind Your Prescription If you or someone you know has been to the doctor recently for an illness or injury, it’s quite likely that you received a prescription from your doctor. Considering that doctors are pledged to aid their patients and are depicted as morally sound individuals who genuinely care for the betterment […]

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