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Company Responsible for 97,000% Drug Price Hike Bribed Doctors to Increase Sales

An amended court filing in a whistleblower lawsuit recently became unsealed when the Justice Department decided to prosecute the case. Whistleblower lawsuits like this are often brought by current or former employees of a company alleged to have defrauded the federal government. In this case, pharmaceutical company Mallinckrodt may be liable for billions of dollars […]

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How to Save Even More with Planet Drugs Direct

If you’re already one of our customers, you know just how affordable our prescription medications can be. We love helping you save on medication and are constantly looking for new ways to lower the bill. To save even more, check out our monthly contest, digital coupons, and referral program! Enter Our Facebook Contest Visit our […]

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Making the Most Out of Your Medicare

Medicare is a social safety net program that helps around 56 million Americans. Approximately 83% of these benefiting individuals are at least 65 years old. Some people would argue that it does not offer the tangible feeling benefits of Social Security. It is still equally important over a longer period of time. This is why […]

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The History of Personal Importation Bills

Americans pay more for prescription medicine than any other people in the world. Over the last decade alone, prices for insulin have tripled. In fact, retail prescription medicines have experienced a double-digit price increase in the last three years alone. This has put many patients in a difficult financial situation. Some of whom have to […]

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The Trump Administration and the War on Big Pharma

For years, the price of health care has been rising. Along with that, the price of drugs has also been going up. This places people who need medications at a severe disadvantage. Not very many people can afford drugs without any help and help has been slowly going away. The problem has been ignored by […]

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Big Pharma: Extorting Cancer Patients

Cancer is a terrible disease that afflicts the lives of many unsuspecting United States citizens. One day, they will be living a happy a healthy life. The next, they will be unable to breathe. For some, the progression of the cancer may go much slower and may even be unnoticeable for a long time. Regardless, […]

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Why Big Pharma Pays Your Doctor

The Truth Behind Your Prescription If you or someone you know has been to the doctor recently for an illness or injury, it’s quite likely that you received a prescription from your doctor. Considering that doctors are pledged to aid their patients and are depicted as morally sound individuals who genuinely care for the betterment […]

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Is Big Pharma Ripping Off Seniors?

In this world of confusion, one thing is clear: Big Pharma is ripping off seniors. Monopolies that are run by people with seemingly endless bankrolls are jacking up the price of medications for the elderly at an alarming rate. There has never been more of a need to revamp the medical insurance system in the […]

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Big Pharma Watch: Senate Report Says Opioid Company Mislead Patients and Insurers

Big Pharma is once again in hot water with the U.S. government for its overly aggressive — and possibly illegal — marketing of opioids. The results of a Senate investigation released in early September detail how Arizona-based pharmaceutical company Insys Therapeutics consistently lied and misled insurance companies to increase sales of a painkiller containing the […]

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Big Pharma: Cashing in on Cancer

There’s little doubt that the pharmaceutical industry has brought many life-saving medications to people throughout the world. Unfortunately, this industry also has a dark side. Big Pharma’s relentless search for ever-increasing profits has betrayed many who were vulnerable and seriously ill. The Plot: Destroying Cancer Drugs in Order to Raise the Price In a James […]

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