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Google Restricts Online Pharmacy Advertising

In  a blow to the US consumer Google is to restrict online pharmacies based in Canada from advertising to Americans despite huge popular support for the industry. Read on…Google Sets Tougher Restrictions For Online Pharmacy Ads

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Evaluating Online Pharmacies

Pharmacychecker has started a blog which provides consumers with timely, relevant information about online pharmacies. They expose some sites which Big Pharma is involved with that seek to discredit affordable options for American pharmacy customers. Read On…Online Pharmacy and Prescription Drug Review

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Senators Seek Permission For States To Buy Drugs From Canada

Senator Byron Dorgan (D-ND) has partnered with Governor Brian Schweitzer (D-MT) and are petitioning the Health and Human Services Secretary, Kathleen Sebelius, to allow their states to import prescription medicines from Canada. Read on..ND senator, Mont. gov seek drug import exemption

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Government Actively Restricting Access To Cheap Affordable Drugs

The capability to safely import drugs is clearly there, but U.S. leaders have repeatedly chosen to side with the interests of the deep-pocketed big drug industry over the interests of U.S. consumers. Read On..Obama Restricts Our Access To Cheaper Prescription Drugs

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Canada Lists Topselling Drugs For Americans

Plavix, Advair, Flomax, Asacol, Nexium, Zetia, Crestor, Lipitor , Synthroid, Prandin, Januvia, Actos, Premarin, Celebrex and Dilantin are all in the list of topselling drugs Americans buy from Canada in a recently released list. Read on..Canada lists the top prescription drugs Americans buy online …

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Pharmacychecker Sites Pass Standards Check For Drug Safety

A recent study of online pharmacies showed that all prescription drugs ordered from sites approved by passed independent authenticity tests. Read Verification Program Members Meet High Standards For Drug Safety, According to New Study

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Big Pharma Threatens Importation Of Drugs

Strong evidence points to Big Pharma seeking to restrict the ability of US citizens to import drugs for personal use. Read on..Your Right to Safe and Affordable Prescription Drugs –

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