Mental Health

Excessive Cell Phone Use and Depression

In just a few years, most people have made extraordinary changes in how they experience life. Instead of interacting with other people face-to-face, observing the world around them and getting valuable health benefits from physical activities, people are spending hours each day sitting with their hands held up to their ears and living virtually. Cell… Continue reading →

A Blue Christmas – Taking A Look At Season Depression

Like most living things on planet Earth, people are drawn to sunlight. It warms our skin and it nourishes our plants to grow. We live by a clock that defines the length of our days in light and in darkness. When, however, the balance of our daylight and darkness is affected by the colder seasons… Continue reading →

Seasonal Depression: It’s More Common Than You Think!

Seasonal depression, winter depression or seasonal affective disorder is a form of depression that is more common than most sufferers think it is. Studies have shown that more than 10 million people in the United States suffer from SAD. Seasonal depression differs from other forms of depression because it only occurs during certain parts of… Continue reading →

Robin Williams – Depression’s Silent Clues

The issues of depression and suicide have been in the national spotlight in recent weeks following the recent death of actor Robin Williams. The sudden loss of a talented actor and humanitarian has put attention on problems which are often unrecognized, leaving millions of people throughout the world feeling hopeless. Suicide is among the leading… Continue reading →

What Is the Difference Between Depression and Anxiety

Human cognition has always been a marvelous mystery that neurological researchers and psychologists are only now slowly unraveling. When the human mind works well, it is a wonder to behold. Sometimes, though, it doesn't work as well as desired. Quite apart from purely psychological problems, the brain is a vast landscape of profoundly interconnected biochemical… Continue reading →

Mental Health Risks Associated with Diabetes

Having to check blood glucose levels, counting carbs, preparing healthy meals and taking medications for those with diabetes can cause someone to feel overwhelmed. Doctors are now just being to understand this burdening feeling and its link for some mental issues. Dubbed as “diabetes distress,” these negative emotions can lead to anxiety and depression. According… Continue reading →

How Duloxetine (Cymbalta) Can Treat Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Duloxetine, commonly marketed as Cymbalta, is used in the treatment of generalized anxiety disorder (GAD). The medication works as a serotonin-norephinephrine reuptake inhibitor and the dosage can vary from 30 mg to 120 mg a day. Symptoms can be significantly improved with the use of this medication and there have been various scales of measurement… Continue reading →

Can Duloxentine Hydrochloride Treat General Anxiety Disorder?

Duloxetine hydrochloride is a norepinephrine and serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SNRI) in the central nervous system. It is highly protein bound, quickly metabolized by the liver and largely distributed throughout the tissues. According to the U.S. Library of Medicines National Institutes of Health, it is indicated for those who suffer from general anxiety disorder (GAD). Historically,… Continue reading →

How Effexor XR (Venlafaxine) is associated with QT Interval Prolongation

For individuals who are dealing with depression, it can be difficult to truly see life for what it is worth. There are all sorts of different problems that can come up and cause an individual to simply not be able to perform in their daily routine. Depression becomes crippling, and forces a person to focus… Continue reading →

No Need To Sweat The Small Stuff — Anxiety Can Be Managed

Anxiety is an issue that plagues millions of individuals around the world. While the severity of the condition does change from person to person, anxiety can become a rather difficult issue to live with. From giving a presentation at work to the ability to perform sexually with a partner, anxiety reduces the overall quality of… Continue reading →