Criteria For Hip Replacement

Hip replacement surgery is a type of surgery that is done mainly on arthritic persons with joint damage due to the hip joint. This surgery is mainly performed on the elderly who have undergone other types of pain management treatments. It is performed on those whose lifestyle and activity level is diminished. If you are still maintaining a good activity level, with little pain, and with the aid of medications then hip replacement surgery is not necessary at this point.

Hip replacement surgery is, however, indicated if a person has pain with medications, cannot achieve their current activities of daily living, and lingering pain that keeps them up during the night, stiffness or awakens them. The criteria for a hip replacement would also be determined by the age, health, and bone density testing.

This surgery is generally performed on the 55 plus age group, but has been done on younger persons although this is rare and not the norm. Total hip replacement surgery is a common procedure and has gained popularity in the past several years.

A total hip replacement is done by removing the hip socket joint and replacing it with an artificial joint. The surgery is completed in approximately two hours and time in the hospital is a matter of a few days or as the physician deems appropriate. Staples are removed at a later date once you are discharged to home.

Physical therapy rehabilitation takes place usually almost immediately. This physical therapy can take place either at home or in a physical therapy setting outside the home, such as a physical therapy facility or in a hospital. This decision is best made by the physician along with the person themselves. Failure to comply with any of these aspects will result in a decreased level of activity and further complications.

If your hip joint limits your activity level and the painful hip is making it difficult to take part in even the simplest tasks, such as being able to walk, climbing up the stairs or going down the stairs then this surgery would probably help you to achieve those goals. With a little hard work and determination, the total hip replacement can be a success and make the quality of living in your life that much more increased.

To meet the criteria for hip replacement surgery one will have to have tried other forms of pain control first. A person will either be approved or disapproved based on the factors as listed.

A person with a damaged hip and in need of hip replacement surgery will be evaluated where it will be determined if they qualify for the total hip replacement surgery or not.