Get 5% Off Your Next Order by Switching to Check or Money Order

PlanetDrugsDirect exists to bring consumers across the world medication at affordable prices. That’s the reason you shop with us. Your quest for reasonably priced medicine likely stems from an inability to pay the uncapped, unreasonably high drug prices demanded and allowed in the U.S. by big pharmaceutical companies. Of course, you could also be taking a stand against the unfair pricing practiced by big pharma. If you’re looking for the lowest drug prices, though, paying with a credit card negates your savings.

order by check

Credit cards unquestionably provide ease of use: You open our website or phone our order line, type or recite your credit card information, disconnect and you’re finished. Regrettably, the convenience ends at that point, and the inconvenience of higher cost begins. Choosing to purchase drugs from an online pharmacy with a credit card potentially increases your final cost in three ways.

  1. High interest rates.
  2. Foreign transaction fees.
  3. Merchant fees resulting in higher prices on our end.

Although insurance protects you from fraudulent charges on your card, you do pay indirectly. It’s estimated that card issuers lost almost $3.5 billion and merchants lost almost $2 billion from credit card fraud last year. You compensate for this loss by paying merchants’ increased prices and issuers’ increased interest rates.

Interest rates aside, if you pay for drugs by credit card, you may also find a foreign transaction fee added to your bill. Even though we don’t charge these fees, we’d be remiss in not letting you know the fees exist. These fees vary according to the type of credit card and the issuer but generally fall between 0 and 3 percent. Even though 3 percent may seem insignificant, it adds up to a significant amount over the lifetime of a prescription.

While you pay for the consequences of stolen credit cards, high interest rates and transaction fees, credit card fees on our end also impact how much you pay for medication. Merchants pay fees to process payments on credit cards. Unfortunately, our business falls within the “high risk” category, which means we pay higher fees than many other merchants.

Don’t let the last sentence scare you: We hold Tier 1 classification. Unfortunately, credit card issuers don’t differentiate between reputable, quality Tier 1 pharmacies and the shady rogue pharmacies labelled Tier 3. We agree that it’s best to err on the side of caution regarding medication, but the higher merchant fees means we must charge higher prices. If we can reduce credit card purchases, however, we can reduce the price we charge.

It seems our best means of reducing credit card purchases comes from advocating payment by check or money order. To encourage this type of payment, and show you how convenient and cost-saving it is, we are offering you a 5 percent discount on your next purchase.