How Planet Drugs Direct Works

how-planetdrugdirect-worksThose of you have been ordering from us for a while get it. You place your order online or call us. We quote you a great price and set up an order. You send in your prescription and voila! about about two weeks later you get the medication you need at a fraction of the price that it would of cost you locally.

Great deal!

What’s the catch? Some people like to say this is not safe and you should not be able to do this. Why do they say this?

You’ve heard the message that our customers are saving an average of over 60% on prescription medication and your pocketbook has felt those savings too! We understand that in many cases these savings are the difference between taking a medication you need or going without it.

Our Pharmacy Care is Top Notch!

When you send in your prescription it is first entered by our personable and experienced customer service representatives. Once entered, the order is reviewed by one of our pharmacy technicians. After the order has been reviewed a senior pharmacy technician checks for any possible drug interactions based on the medical profile you have provided. Once the order has cleared these steps a pharmacist receives your order and again checks against the original prescription from your doctor, and contacts you if we have come accross a drug interaction flag on your order.

Your Medication is Effective!

The medication is effective and will accomplish the health goals your doctor intended. Just cheaper.

Why so much cheaper?

Simply put, the medication costs us much less than your local pharmacy.

Why does it cost PlanetDrugsDirect less?

The business model of the pharmaceutical companies depends on being able to charge different prices to different patients based on what they can afford. That way they can fund their huge R&D expenses to bring new drugs to market. This argument has some sense to it.

But why should I pay more for the same medication as Canadians or Europeans?

We understand that you should have the right to get the medication you need at prices you can afford. It’s unfair that you should have to pay more than others around the world that are in the same or a better situation than you.

We will never compromise on pharmacy care and we stand behind our medications. We appreciate the trust you have put in us and we appreciate you sharing your experience with Planet Drugs Direct with others.