How Smoking Cessation Can Help You Kick ED!

ED and smokingThere are many good reasons to give up smoking including cardiovascular health, reduced risk of stroke and a reduction in the chances of lung cancer. One additional benefit that may influence the greatest number of male smokers is the growing positive link to ED, or erectile dysfunction.

Multiple studies dealing with the problem of ED reveal that giving up smoking has a significantly positive effect in reducing the condition. In one study, 118 men who quit and 163 that did not were evaluated after 1 year. The condition improved in approximately 25% of the non-smokers but in none of the smokers. It was noted that age and the severity of the condition before and after the study indicated that older participants with severe conditions to start with did not have a significant change as a result of smoking cessation. Participants were screened carefully for a wide variety of medical conditions such as diabetes, cardiac conditions, hypertension and so on to rule other possible causes of the participant’s ED.

Proper circulation is essential for an erection; anything that interferes with or impedes it can cause or worsen ED. Smoking causes constriction of the blood vessels, preventing them from filling adequately and raising blood pressure. Constricted penile vessels cannot fill completely or at all, resulting in ED.

While giving up smoking produces a wide range of benefits such as having more money to spend, increased cardiac and pulmonary health, reduced blood pressure and cancer risk, it also can help you kick ED!