How to Protect Yourself from Pharmacy Scams

Today, Internet fraud is rampant, and the online pharmacy business is no exception. Online pharmacy scams run the gambit of non-professionalism from selling medication without prescriptions to selling substandard medications and representing themselves as licensed pharmacies to actually walking away with your money and not delivering the product. As a matter of fact, Google was fined $500 million in 2011 for allowing rogue pharmacies to advertise the sale of controlled prescription drugs. With more and more Americans looking north to Canada for more affordable medications, it is essential for consumers to seek out online pharmacies that are licensed, reputable and maintain industry safe protocols.

Find a trusted online pharmacy

Choosing an online pharmacy that carries the Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA) logo is just one way consumers can avoid online pharmacy scams. This seal ensures that the pharmacy is licensed and regulated by the government for consumer safety. It also ensures that consumers have access to quality prescription drugs at affordable prices. A new report by the National Bureau of Economic Research indicates that online pharmacies accredited by the CIPA are authentic, safe and over 50 percent less than top brand American medications. The scientific studies were completed by Ph.Ds from the University of Maryland Department of Economics and the American Enterprise Institute.

Since its establishment in 2002, CIPA member pharmacies have served over one million consumers with a perfect safety record. Of course, the CIPA logo can be copied and added to any website. In order to ensure its authenticity, it’s best to cross-check on their website at for a member listing of the pharmacy. This way, you won’t be duped. Planet Drugs Direct is a proud member of the CIPA and displays this prestigious certification on its website. As a CIPA member, we’ll never send you any spam mail or sell your email address to another.

Another valuable resource for choosing a safe online pharmacy is This company reports credentials, publishes profiles, gives industry ratings and compares medication costs. It is the leading independent company where consumers can find the most qualified pharmacies and lowest products. Consumers can even read customer feedback on individual pharmacies. On, Planet Drugs Direct has stellar ratings for great prices, excellent customer service, patient privacy and high quality prescription and non-prescription medications. Customer reviews range from very satisfied to extremely satisfied. is highly recommended by media publications, such as The People’s Pharmacy, New York Times, CBS and AARP. It’s the household name for online pharmacy safety and prescription savings.

Consumers can also contact the provincial pharmacy regulatory agency in Manitoba or British Columbia to check the quality record of individual pharmacies. This agency sets and regulates high standards for patient safety. When ordering from an online pharmacy, consumers should expect to be required to have a prescription from a U.S. physician, provide demographic and medical information and have access to a Canadian pharmacist for drug information and medication counseling. At Planet Drugs Direct, these criteria are always met.

Why Planet Drugs Direct?

In addition to being a CIPA member and having great ratings with and the provincial regulatory agency, Planet Drugs Direct is a trusted online pharmacy with over 400,000 happy customers and growing. You can be one too. Whether you order online, via fax or by phone, expect professionalism and A+ customer service all the way. We even offer free shipping and toll-free lines. Convenience and peace of mind are our hallmarks.

At Planet Drugs Direct, we ensure security and privacy by adhering to the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act. Compliance includes accountability, customer consent, proper collection of personal information, limited disclosure, accuracy and protection of personal information. Simply put, we’re the online pharmacy that you rely on and trust.