Mail Order Pharma and Disappearing Payment Options

Obtaining a prescription for one’s illness used to be something that a person could do quite easily. Many online pharmacies were accepting credit card payments for important online prescriptions for the patients. Credit card companies were approving such purchases without fail. Recently, however, the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy, which is a Big Pharma advocate, decided that it wanted to indirectly restrict the rights of sick individuals. The organization put pressure on Visa to disallow online prescription transactions on certain pharmacy’s websites. Some credit card holders are now unable to purchase their medications on the Internet from the places they desire. The removal of the privilege causes a wide variety of problems for the patients as well as the pharmaceutical companies.

Why We Cannot Use Credit Card for Our Medicines

The reason that the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy disallowed some online prescription medication purchases is not clear cut, but it may have something to do with profits. The strict rules are severely hindering the consumers, however. Some medical patients feel as though their rights are being violated by the previously mentioned organization. They see the restriction as a type of consumer bullying, and they wish that they could do something to make it change.

Problems Caused by NABP’s Pressure

The decision to prevent medical patients from obtaining their medications through some online credit card purchases has created a negative impact on those patients. Terminal and severe patients run the risk of becoming deathly ill due to lack of medication. Some of them even skip their doses trying to stretch the amount of medication to which they have access.

Not all credit card companies have stopped approving online credit card prescription purchases. However, the pharmacies that the credit card companies still approve may not be as sincere as some of the other ones are. Patients run the risk of purchasing medication that contains harmful material or medication that is not the medication that they ordered. Additionally, the patients may experience some form of identity theft or fraud. Some sites sell medicine just so they can obtain personal information from their customers. These shady companies then use the personal information to make unauthorized purchases of goods and services. Recovery from such a crime can takes years.

The Right of Every American

Many Americans are in an uproar because they cannot select their payment plan of choice. They feel as if their favorite payment option has just disappeared. American citizens should have a right to convenient medication purchases and a protected health status. Limiting the choices that they have only leaves room for problems to occur. Medical patients do not have to accept the fate of the credit card transactions, however. They can take a stand and possibly see positive results.

What to Do About Online Credit Card Purchase Denials

The new system has been going on for longer than a year. Consumers have the right to complain about a convenience that was quickly ripped away from them so that they could not enjoy their freedoms and accommodations. The proper way to approach such a complaint is to write a letter to Congress. Congress may respond if many patients explain their issues with the procedure. Everyone has to stand up to have the privilege returned. The main issue that many people have is that they suffer if they cannot experience a convenient transaction. Health problems usually increase during those times. The best that such a person can do is grab a pen and paper and start pouring out the heart to these organizations. Companies usually respond to mass complaints.

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