Most Men Do Not See a Doctor, but Should – Are You Putting Your Health at Jeopardy?

Men are notorious for not seeing the doctor on a regular basis. A recent survey conducted by Men’s Health Magazine shows that one-third of men in America do not visit the doctor for a checkup every year and 9 million men have not been to the doctor in the past five years.

There are numerous reasons why men do not go to see the doctor on a regular basis. In 1990, the American Medical Association conducted a study to find out why men aren’t making appointments at the doctor. It leads to fear, embarrassment, denial, as well as the thought that it threatens masculinity.

The male denial factor is not related to age, race, occupation or even socioeconomic status. Regardless of who a man is, he is capable of ignoring the things that he should not be ignoring.

Men make 150 million fewer trips to the doctor every year in comparison to women.

There are some reasons why men need to start making a trip to the doctor a priority.

Approximately one in nine men will receive a prostate cancer diagnosis. Only a handful will actually get the digital rectal exam as well as the blood test to detect it.

Men are also at a greater risk of stress-related illnesses in comparison to women. This also leads to men being more likely to have a stroke because they are not going into any kind of stress-management program. One of every three strokes in men will happen before the age of 65. This shows that men need to focus on a visit to the doctor, regardless of age.

Emphysema is one of the most preventable diseases, yet 50,000 men die from it every year. There are also at least 3 million men are walking around with type II diabetes and being unaware of it, which can lead to all sorts of medical complications.

Men need to learn that there are consequences for not visiting the doctor. Symptoms such as pain, coughing, fever, lumps, and more can be the sign of something more significant. Doctors are able to extend life if a person has their issues addressed early on.

Studies from the Office of National Statistics in the UK shows that one of every four deaths could have been prevented through better living or more effective treatment. A trip to the doctor can save a man’s life by learning how he can live healthier and obtain treatment in the early stages of any illness or condition.