Planet Drugs Direct, Who We Are and Why We Might Stop Accepting Credit Cards

PlanetDrugsDirect is a licensed mail order pharmacy, a member of the Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA), and a 5 check rated pharmacy by We are one of the very best places in the world to get high quality, low cost prescription drugs, safely, with a prescription written by a healthcare professional licensed to practice in your area of residence. Your order is reviewed by licensed, experienced Canadian pharmacists who ensure each and every prescription is checked carefully and patient counselling is available every step of the way. All medications are packaged and delivered properly and discreetly. Our patients are guaranteed quality prescription and non-prescription medications. Sorry, we don’t offer medications that are narcotics, require refrigeration, or are intended for short term use. PlanetDrugsDirect offers savings of 80% or more versus what you would pay locally and we price match with any CIPA and PharmacyChecker approved pharmacy.

Let’s just say we’re proud of what we do and the way we go about it.

In credit card industry terms we are:

  • High risk – selling prescription drugs
  • High risk – based on online/internet sales
  • High risk – probably not licensed where you are (we’re licensed where we are)
  • High risk – a card not present processor (we bill your credit card without you being here)

We get lumped in with the bad guys! The high risk credit card processors.

We strongly disagree with the credit card processing companies. 14 years of impeccable service and holding Tier 1 classification while proving ourselves an extremely trustworthy partner as opposed to rogue, Tier 3 pharmacies. The credit card processing industry itself understands how our company is differentiated from the rogue pharmacies but still often the response has been “Sorry, we don’t do pharma”.

PlanetDrugsDirect understands that in the past 98% of our customers ordered by credit card. We’re working hard and will always work hard to establish credit card processing accounts at reasonable rates with reputable banks. It’s challenging.

This is why we are now asking all our customers to pay by check. We will send your order as soon as your prescription(s) are on file and has (have) been reviewed by our pharmacy team. If we haven’t received your check yet, it’s no problem, we will ship your order in good faith (as long as the order is under $500)! PlanetDrugsDirect customers are an honest lot and we’ll follow up with you if your check is not received in the expected time frame.

We still accept credit cards today, but we promise you will always pay a lower price ordering by check rather than credit card and your transaction is always guaranteed. No more phone tag or delays in your order due to your credit card company!

At PlanetDrugsDirect we will always work to provide you the high quality prescription medication you need at the best prices possible. Moving to checks is part of our commitment to best serve you now, and long into the future.