Presidential Hopefuls Support Affordable Drug Options for Americans

The CPPI, which stands for the Campaign for Personal Prescription Drug Importation, has received vocal support from several presidential candidates and current members of Congress for the group’s efforts in providing prescription drug importation options from Canada. With so many proposals now suggested, the CPPI is planning on clarifying its stance on each proposal’s merits.

About the CPPI

The CPPI is a nonprofit consumer advocacy organization that operates all over the nation. This group is dedicated to promoting and protecting safe public access to affordable and approved imported pharmaceutical products from Canada. The group’s members represent fixed- and low-income Americans who would benefit from an alternative option to high prescription prices in the United States.

Bryan Tackett, the CPPI’s Executive Director, has said that he feels as though Americans cannot afford to continue paying such high prices for some of the most basic maintenance medications. He believes that by allowing senior citizens and others who make a fixed income to import their medications directly from Canada, there will be fewer detrimental medical incidences.

Proposals from bipartisan Congressional leaders can allow Americans to enjoy much more affordable medications as they become available from licensed and regulated sources in Canada. Bryan Tackett believes that many of these outlined ideas could provide the average American with significant medical savings. It can also be an efficient way to prevent Americans from becoming subsidized by out-of-control pharmaceutical prices.

There have been several proposals offered to optimize such opportunities.

Safe and Affordable Drugs from Canada Act

Earlier, Senators Amy Klobuchar and John McCain brought up their 2014 bill, which directly addressed the potential for Americans to access affordable and approved medications provided by licensed and legitimate pharmaceutical sources in Canada. This specific legislation focuses on creating a white list of medical manufacturers that can allow Americans to obtain a variety of health maintenance drugs. Since 2002, the pharmacies that were certified through the Canadian International Pharmacy Association have been able to maintain a perfect record of safety for their products. While they did so, they were able to serve over 10 million Americans who were in desperate need of basic medications. Medicinal solutions ranged from treatments for asthma to COPD. Based on this track record, the legislation has been supported by numerous United States senators and house members.

Prescription Drug Affordability Act

Bernie Sanders and Elijah Cummings, who have both been longtime supporters of this concept, have introduced bills that can allow for the importation of prescription drugs from Canada. This particular legislation requires the appropriate governing bodies to finalize and implement the necessary regulations to allow medications to be imported from Canada. The proposed bills would also delay the implementation of harmful legal language that would allow the FDA and the United States Customs professionals to destroy packages of imported medications from Canada. In 1999, Senator Sanders was one of the first members of Congress to get on buses that would drive across the Canadian border to fill out their medical prescriptions.

Many presidential candidates have offered proposals to optimize such practices.

Clinton’s Plan to Lower Prescription Prices

Hillary Clinton, a Democratic presidential candidate, plans on reducing prescription drug prices through the appropriate articles of legislature. Ms. Clinton favors allowing imports from countries with strong safety standards, in addition to focusing on initiatives that would put a cap on individuals’ annual medication spending. An analysis performed by the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget found that this act alone would save the government over one billion dollars annually. The FDA has already noted that nearly 40 Percent of the prescription drugs taken by Americans are already made elsewhere. She believes that the potential for profit can no longer hold more value than the health of American citizens.

Huckabee Issues a Statement on the Importation Options from Canada

Republican Presidential Candidate Mike Huckabee shared his views on the subject, believing that there are many benefits to allowing individuals to import their medications from Canada. He believes that Americans should be able to purchase safe and approved drugs from Canada in order to save taxpayers money over the next decade. He has gone on to say that the concept simply makes sense.