Relationships: As Important to Your Health as Exercising and Eating Well

There are some things in life that can improve your health. It’s good to exercise and eat the proper foods, but healthy relationships are needed as well. If you don’t have friends to talk to or don’t have people in your life who will lift you up in a positive manner, then it can lead to feeling alone. If you feel alone for too long, then it can sometimes lead to depression as you retreat farther away from those around you. 

Research studies by schools that include the University of North Carolina have suggested that a lack of healthy relationships can lead to obesity, hypertension and an increase for the risk of a stroke. It can also lead to cardiac diseases that could result in a heart attack. Scientists have found that healthy relationships can decrease the levels of stress in the body. If the stress levels are low, then you won’t have the high blood pressure or feelings of inadequacy that you might have with unhealthy relationships. Healthy relationships also support a healthy immune system and decrease the risk of insulin rejection in diabetics.

When there are healthy relationships with couples, there is often a longer-lasting marriage. The marriage is one of compromise and talking about issues that arise instead of fighting. When there is a lack of fighting in the relationship, the stress levels of both parties are lower. Both parties can see a positive benefit from the marriage if there is a healthy aspect involved. Scientists have discovered that there are lower cases of heart disease in couples who have the healthy and loving relationships compared to those who don’t. There is also a decrease in the number of divorces among those who have healthy relationships.

Whether it’s a relationship with friends, family members or a significant other, a healthy approach leads to a decrease in depression. A close bond with others can help improve brain function and other body systems, which can cause a lower number of visits to doctors. When there are healthy relationships, you can increase communication skills and learn to show empathy instead of only sympathy to others. You can also develop better problem-solving skills, which can expand to the workplace and school.