The Importance of Personal Importation: An Interview With an American Customer

Despite the recent changes in insurance regulations, the rising cost of healthcare is still a serious problem in the United States. Compared with other countries, America has a greater percentage of chronically ill patients who often times even with Medicare, report that they have significant financial barriers to receiving adequate care due to high out-of-pocket expenses. About 19 percent of Americans over 65 report that they do not seek treatment, fail to schedule needed diagnostic tests and choose not to fill needed prescriptions due to the high costs.

Fortunately, some of these seniors are able to get some financial relief – at least with regard to meeting their prescription needs, by purchasing them from legitimate online prescription referral services in Canada which charge a fraction of the cost of pharmacies in America.

Lee, a 62-year-old resident of Wisconsin explains to, his online prescription referral service, why personal prescription importation is so important to him and his wife;

“Importation of Prozac and Onglyza is the only way for my wife and I to stay alive and afford to live in a house. Her Prozac prescription would cost $660 a month locally. A 3-month supply from Planet Drugs Direct costs $170. My Onglyza costs either $180 a month locally or $78.00 for a 3-month supply, with delivery included, from Planet Drug Direct’s sources.”

Lee, along with thousands of other grateful customers, is concerned about the continued availability of his life-saving medicines because U. S. pharmaceutical companies are opposed to U. S. citizens taking advantage of this service. They maintain that purchasing medications outside the U. S. is not safe because they are manufactured in non-FDA regulated factories in India and China. What they fail to mention is that many of the medications sold in the United States are not manufactured here either and in fact come from those same overseas factories. You might be surprised to learn, India has the largest number of US FDA approved sites outside of US. Additionally, the US FDA has a permanent office in India and conducts regular inspections of Indian sites.

In reality, pharmaceutical companies are far more concerned with their bottom line than with the health of the nation, despite the fact that they continue to have ridiculously high profit margins. Says Lee of the American pharmaceutical industry,

“We have met the enemy and it is the government. I am appalled that the FDA has become the enforcement arm of Big Pharma. The FDA is (…) putting me in the unenviable position of either paying $660 a month for Prozac or paying my mortgage.”

Without the invaluable services provided by Planet Drugs, Lee would be forced to “operate an underground drug smuggling ring, or become homeless.”

Not only do we at Planet Drug Direct supply Lee and many, many others with their life-saving medications at a fraction of the cost, our staff are “unrelentingly pleasant, helpful and competent,” according to our customers. Of course, reputable companies like Planet Drugs Direct urge consumers to use caution as they would with any Internet purchase. It is important to evaluate potential suppliers for authenticity. There are many scam artists trolling the Web but with careful research interested patients can find safe, cost-effective sources – like us, for their life-saving medications.

Without this vital service, many people could end up seriously ill and/or perhaps even die unnecessarily. Chronic illnesses which go untreated end up costing both the patients, and the taxpayers more money. Preventative treatment and medication management is almost always a cheaper route compared to surgical or other intensive procedures that may be needed to save lives.