What Happened to Canada Drugs and Why

Recently, a plea bargain was signed by the owners of the domain CanadaDrugs.com, handing it over to the United States government. In recent years, CanadaDrugs.com was an online pharmacy which offered many Americans their medications for a low cost through a safe and effective means. CanadaDrugs’ owners also operated a wholesale business, under an unrelated company, which distributed to clinics and doctor offices. Unfortunately, two counterfeit batches of a cancer medication entered the supply chain of that wholesale business in 2011. They were sold to medical offices in the United States, but the drug was never sold on the website holding the domain name CanadaDrugs.com.

This same sort of issue has happened in the past involving CVS and another counterfeit medicine. However, this particular event had a much different outcome than the CanadaDrugs.com event. Instead of forcing CVS to turn over their domain name, the federal government allowed them to keep their domain name and website, the opposite of what they forced the owners of CanadaDrugs.com to do.

CanadaDrugs.com has always been a safe and effective way to order medications. During their time in business, CanadaDrugs.com has processed millions of prescriptions for patients through international pharmacies  located in Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

The U.S. government has not required immediate closure of the CanadaDrugs.com website. This begs the question – if the site was truly unsafe to individuals, why are they given time to wind down their operation?. CanadaDrugs.com has until July 13th to close down their business through the online retail world. This proves to us that the FDA recognizes there is no need for urgency when shutting down this domain.

The FDA continues to practice discretion when it comes to prescription medication importation. A consumer has not been prosecuted for importing a 90-day supply of medication when it is for personal use and/or for treatment for a condition which is not available to the patient. Why is the treatment not available to the patient? The number one reason is affordability. For many patients, they must look to Canada and International pharmacies for treatment when unaffordable drug pricing in the USA make its inaccessible. At PlanetDrugsDirect.com, we’ve helped over 400,00 customers access safe and affordable medication over the last 15 years.

The deal made by the FDA might do more harm than good, especially since they are shutting down a company that was operating in a safe way and provided medications to individuals at a cheaper price than local avenues. Another negative for the country is that the pharmaceutical industry is still using this deal and case to fuel certain campaigns that were put in place to prevent Americans from buying safe, low-cost, and effective medications from anywhere other than America. So what does this say about the pharmaceutical industry in America? It says that they are more dollar hungry than up for helping Americans who might not have the means to purchase their important medication; gaining as much money as possible is the goal and not the health of the American people.

PharmacyChecker had sent a report in February of 2015, just as the indictment for the case was supposed to release. This report was sent to the members of Congress that are responsible for the FDA regulation, and within the report, PharmacyChecker did their best to help explain why it is not valuable nor beneficial to shut down CanadaDrugs.com. CanadaDrugs.com has been a safe and effective way for people to get their medications without paying steep local prices. It is truly a shame that such an effective and online pharmacy is being shut down because the FDA has other ideas about how medications should be sold in this country.

PlanetDrugsDirect.com is committed to continuing to provide care to patients – we’ve helped over 400,000 customers save on their prescription medications by connecting them with safe and government approved Canadian and international pharmacies. For soon-to-be former customers of CanadaDrugs.com, we encourage you to come and check out the savings and service we have for you.

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