The Truth Behind Opposition of International Prescription Referral Services

Before online pharmacies became immensely popular, Americans used to take buses to Canada to fill their prescriptions. Nowadays they have the convenience of jumping online and saving tons of dollars by completing their purchase via online prescription referral services, like Planet Drugs Direct. Americans are flocking to these Canadian prescription referral services rather than doing without crucial medication for severe illnesses. Of course, some of the large pharmaceutical companies and their advocates are making a stink about it.

Such organizations claim that the imported drugs are not approved by the FDA, and they can cause severe adverse reactions and undesirable conditions because they are “not manufactured in the United States.” What they are failing to acknowledge is that many of the drugs that people buy in the United States are not manufactured there either. That fact makes their arguments against importation futile and weightless. These organizations accuse pharmacies that are not in the United States as being rogues of the industry, as well. Their claims have little to do with fact and more to do with how the current pharmaceutical purchasing trends affect the sales numbers for large U.S.-based pharmaceutical companies. Those companies stand to lose an enormous amount of profits if they do not actively oppose the purchase of online Canada-based drugs by U.S. citizens.

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