Who’s Behind the Smear Campaign Against Pharmacies Like Planet Drugs Direct

Five Secrets

Planet Drugs Direct is at the top of the list when it comes to safe, low cost prescription drugs of the highest quality. We are a licensed mail order pharmacy, proud member of the Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA), and a 5 check rated pharmacy on PharmacyChecker. All orders are reviewed by licensed, experienced pharmacists who ensure medications are only dispensed once a prescription from a healthcare professional licensed to practice in the patient’s area of residence is obtained. We take our quality and customer service even further by ensuring every prescription is checked carefully and patient counselling is always available to our customers. Our patients receive nothing but the highest quality prescription and non-prescription medications. We abstain from selling medications classified as narcotics, require refrigeration, or are intended for short term use. We take pride in our business, knowledgable staff, and above all, our customers.

Seen this? There have been numerous articles claiming all international pharmacies are unsafe. We’re tired of being lumped in with the bad apples, and believe the attacks from groups like Safemedicines.org have more to do with their members protecting their bottom line than any genuine worry about the health and safety of Americans.

So let’s address their claims point by point.

  • Question One: “What’s the difference between a Canadian retail pharmacy you can drive over the border to patronize and a “Canadian online pharmacy” that sends you medication in the mail?”
  • Their Answer: “A Canadian web pharmacy is probably just a shipping company that claims to be a pharmacy, that may not even really be in Canada.”

    The Truth:

    Really? I’m pretty sure Winnipeg is in Canada. You should come and visit as it’s really nice here in August. The reality is that all CIPA (Canadian International Pharmacy Association) members operate fully licensed, brick and mortar pharmacies and are proud to be Canadian based entities. The Manitoba Pharmaceutical Association has licensed our associated pharmacy, Westview Pharmacy, as an IPS (International Prescription Service) pharmacy and all the folks who answer your phone calls, review your prescriptions, answer your emails, and write these articles are a diverse group of proud Canadians.

  • Question Two: “Where do the medicines you get from a “Canadian online pharmacy” come from?”
  • Their Answer: “All around the world, but not from Canada.”

    The Truth:

    The problem our patients face is not that drug prices are higher in the US than Canada, but rather that they are higher in the US than almost anywhere else in the world. We still ship from Canada, but have also partnered with licensed pharmacies in New Zealand, the UK, Australia, Turkey and Singapore and each product on our web site clearly indicates where it is sourced and shipped from. (Don’t believe us? Check any of our drug listings!) We don’t hide this information from our customers and are proud to showcase the efforts we go to just to find our customers the best value for their dollar without compromising on the highest quality and safety. In fact, Planet Drugs Direct’s roots are in New Zealand and just last year we fully completed the move from New Zealand to Canada although we still dispense some medications from New Zealand.

  • Question Three: “Don’t Canadian online pharmacies provide great deals because they source medicine from safe Tier One countries like Canada, Australia, and England?”
  • Their Answer: “No. Counterfeit medicine with no active ingredients, or cheaper and inappropriate ingredients, are the way they make the big bucks while tricking you into thinking you’ve gotten a great deal.”

    The Truth:

    We stand behind all our medications active ingredients being genuine. They are made by the same companies you will find on US drugstore shelves. Yes, these medications are cheaper, but since when is saving money a bad thing? These cost savings are thanks to acts such as European Free Trade. We never sacrifice safety in the name of savings! Are they really claiming that the Celebrex, manufactured by Pfizer, shipped from Australia, is counterfeit medicine with no active ingredients, or cheaper and inappropriate ingredients)? If so, we should let the Australians know.

  • Question Four: “Can’t the FDA and Health Canada protect me from danger if I buy medicines from outside the U.S.?”
  • Their Answer: “No.”

    The Truth:

    Our high safety standards ensure you are protected from any harm! All our partner pharmacies are regulated by their local health authorities. Our partner pharmacies are regulated by the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency, the Turkish Ministry of Health, Australia New Zealand Therapeutic Products Agency (ANZTPA) and Health Canada.

  • Question Five: “Isn’t the medicine I get from a “Canadian online pharmacy” just from the pile of medications that are price-fixed by the Canadian government? Aren’t they authentic Canadian medicines.”
  • Their Answer: “No. Those medications may never have even seen a maple leaf flag.”

    The Truth:

    Again, not all medications we send to patients are dispensed from Canada. However, those we do ship from Canada are the same product received by Canadians in our local drugstores. Any medications dispensed from our partner pharmacies are also subject to the same high standards which are implemented and monitored by their regulatory counterparts. Our customers never recieve anything but the highest quality regardless of where the medication in question is coming from.

So, who are these Partnership for Safe Medicine guys who build spammy websites scaring Americans away from legitimate entities like Planet Drugs Direct? They say on their website that “The Partnership for Safe Medicines is a group of not-for-profit organizations and individuals that have policies, procedures, or programs to protect consumers from counterfeit or contraband medicines. Corporate entities play a role in the Partnership by supporting our programmatic work.” Sounds great; nice that they’re looking out for you!

Our friends at Pharmacychecker wrote a very interesting research piece about this. We’ll leave it for you if you wish to read the whole thing but we’ll just say that it’s very considerate of all these Big Pharma employees to dedicate their time to such an altruistic cause.

Planet Drugs Direct demands the highest standards from our partner pharmacies and the medication we supply to our near half a million customers. We believe in nothing but the highest quality and the honest truth. At Planet Drugs Direct 400,000 customers trust us – so can you.