Why Perfectly Healthy People Get Heart Attacks

healthy-people-heart-attackMany people hear about those who live unhealthy lives and the risk they have for a heart attack. While people who don’t eat properly and don’t get as much exercise as they should do have an increased risk of a heart attack, there are perfectly healthy people who get heart attacks as well, and that number is increasing. There are two main reasons why someone who seems to have a healthy life and who has relatively normal physicals when they go to the doctor would have an attack.

One of the common reasons is a blood clot. This is something that develops in the body with or without warning. When a blood clot develops, it can travel to the heart, or it can block the flow of blood that leads to the heart. There are tests that can be done to detect a blood clot if someone suspects there is one in the body. A blood clot is actually fairly common in people, but it’s when the clot reaches the vital organs that it can be fatal. They are caused by circulation disorders, cancer and obesity. Some clots form when you sit still for long periods of time, and some develop in people who smoke. Clots often form in the legs of those who sit at a desk at work or who are not active during the day. Most clots break apart on their own and go undetected. A clot that travels to the heart is called a pulmonary embolism. If a blood clot develops in the leg, it can easily travel to the heart in a short amount of time. If this happens, the risk of a heart attack is very high.

The other cause for heart attacks in those who seem perfectly healthy is a coronary artery spasm. This condition is not very common. When the spasm occurs, it usually doesn’t result in death, but it can lead to a heart attack which will damage the arteries and the wall of the heart. This is a condition that often occurs in people who normally don’t have any medical issues with the heart. A portion of the artery leading to the heart will suddenly spasm or contract for no reason. When it happens, it is usually painful, but it doesn’t last long. This spasm can quickly turn deadly if it is not treated. Some last for as long as 30 minutes. The most common symptom is chest pain, which is a sign of a heart attack in some people.