Why Planet Drugs Direct Doesn’t Advertise

Planet-drugs-directIn this current age of Internet advertising, Planet Drugs Direct is an interesting case study. Growing by leaps and bounds since its start in 2001, this online pharmacy makes it simple to purchase prescription drugs over the Internet. Even though the company rarely advertises, over 400,000 customers both new and old continue to flock to PlanetDrugsDirtect.com for their prescription needs.

What sets Planet Drugs Direct apart? Why is it able to continue to grow with little need to advertise when other websites are pouring their resources into print, video, and other advertising media?

Planet Drugs Direct Has Great Customer Reviews

When it comes to quality service, the customer reviews at Planet Drugs Direct say it better than any advertising agency can. Here is sampling of what our customers are saying:

  • The speed of delivery is better than any other pharmacy on the web.
  • Customer service representatives not only take care of the customer’s needs, but also act as an advocate for their health needs.
  • Prescription questions are clearly and simply answered.
  • Live Chat is simple to use and provides quick answers to any customer inquiries.

With positive feedback like this, it’s no wonder that outside advertising isn’t needed. Planet Drugs Direct earns the trust of its customers by setting high standards for itself and fulfilling them on a daily basis.

Planet Drugs Direct’s “Word-Of-Mouth” Advertising in the Internet Age

While many things have changed over the years, word-of-mouth referrals from trusted family and friends remain especially important when it comes to health issues. Since Planet Drugs Direct earns the trust of its customers with each transaction, those customers actively promote the business to the people that are most important to them. This customer engagement eliminates the need for Planet Drugs Direct to advertise on their own behalf.

However, what really sets the pharmacy apart are the increasing number of referrals from physicians. These doctor referrals only exist because Planet Drugs Direct regularly provides pharmacy service at the highest level of quality.

Simply put, regular performance to high industry standards combined with outstanding customer satisfaction levels have eliminated the need for Planet Drugs Direct to advertise. Instead of passing on the cost of advertising to their clients, Planet Drugs Direct lets its customer reviews and high rates of customer referrals do the work for them.