12 Months of Giving: American Heart Association

As a reliable online pharmacy, Planet Drugs Direct has been helping its customers stay healthy since it debuted in 2001. This year, however, we’ve embarked upon a project to aid even more people: Our entire team is striving to raise funds for a different charity each month.

The current installment of this “12 Months of Giving” campaign involves Candy Grams to benefit the American Heart Association. Our staff members are encouraged to purchase Candy Grams for coworkers to be distributed on Friday, February 13, 2015. These Candy Grams are handmade by our fundraising committee and provide the opportunity for staff to write little love notes to include with the little bags of candy.

The American Heart Association (AHA) ― which includes the American Stroke Association, a branch that was formed in 1997 ― is certainly a worthy organization for which to hold a raffle. Founded in 1924 and now based in Dallas, this group provides funding to medical researchers who are trying to eradicate cardiovascular diseases. This work is vital given that heart disease takes more lives each year than any other disorder.

Over the decades, AHA funding has helped lead to such breakthroughs as the artificial heart valve and a series of medications that can lower cholesterol. From time to time, the AHA also advocates for certain policies that enhance public health, and experts from this nonprofit attempt to influence the opinions of state and federal lawmakers.

In addition, the AHA educates Americans about cardiovascular fitness by coordinating promotional campaigns. Moreover, this organization regularly releases reports that explain how to prevent strokes and heart disease. For instance, the AHA is famous for urging people to take the saturated fats out of their diets. Further, this charity puts out detailed guidelines for the correct ways in which to administer cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and other forms of lifesaving care. On top of that, the AHA provides CPR training to more Americans annually than any other institution.

Today, the number of volunteers who give their time to the AHA each year exceeds 22.5 million. The group also has 2,700 employees and 144 offices throughout the U.S.

Fundraising Update

We are very pleased to announce that we were able to raise $319 for the American Heart Association! Safe to say month number 2 was a success!