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Are Naps Making You Sleepier?

When it’s time for a child to take a nap, it’s not uncommon for complaints and protests to ensue. While there are some children who are perfectly okay with naps, many others tend to lament and insist that they can’t wait until they are adults who don’t have to take naps. Meanwhile, many adults can’t […]

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Warning Signs You Need to Exercise More

We know that exercise is good for your health. In fact, it can help boost your mood, strengthen your immune system, and keep you younger. Exercise has also been shown to have a variety of mental benefits. Regular exercise can help reduce the risk of brain diseases such as dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, as well […]

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Foods That Can Help Fight Depression

Depression can have a negative impact on the way we feel, think, and behave, and it can disrupt our lives. It is much more than feeling blue. This mood disorder is not a sign that something is wrong with us, but it’s a sign that something could be wrong with our brain chemistry. There are […]

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Zoom Calls Making You Anxious? Here Are 9 Ways To Overcome It!

Most people around the world had never faced something like the pandemic before in their lives, and the changes it brought to lifestyles were as varied as they were abrupt. From wearing masks to social distancing, everyone had to change their ways of doing things overnight. One such change was doing work remotely, with interpersonal […]

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Fitness Trends to Expect in 2021

Fitness and health, both physically and mentally, are paramount during this time of raging Coronavirus pandemic. Fitness industry professionals and individuals have been forced to rethink how they conduct fitness solutions in the pandemic’s wake. We now exercise in a completely different way. With more people opting to stay at home rather than use fitness […]

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FDA Approves Zeposia for Ulcerative Colitis

Individuals with ulcerative colitis will have a new treatment after the approval of Zeposia by the FDA. The drug is effective for moderate and severe ulcerative colitis, a type of inflammatory bowel disease. It results when inflammation occurs in the lining of the rectum, large intestine, or both. Studies indicate that about three million US […]

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Colon Cancer Screening Now Advised for People Over 45

An increase in the frequency of colonoscopies as you get older has been shown to reduce your risk of developing late-stage colorectal cancer by up to 60%. You should also talk with your doctor about what type of screenings are available based on your family’s history or other health concerns, how often they should be […]

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Walking an Extra 1,000 Steps May Increase Your Lifespan

We all know that exercise is really good for us, but how much do you need to exercise before it actually starts to increase your lifespan? This article will discuss the benefits of walking an extra 1,000 steps a day. For those who are not sure what that means, just think about adding one mile […]

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Will Face Masks Stick Around Post Pandemic?

Currently, the population in the United States of America is slowly growing their immunity through vaccines. A large part of the population in the United States of America are wondering if they will be wearing face masks even after the pandemic is over. As time goes by, the public health officials in the United States […]

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Why Allergy Season Is Longer and Stronger This Year

You’re not imagining it, allergy season is longer and stronger this year. This is bad news for people that have severe seasonal allergies. The increased pollen counts hit many people hard this year. One study found that between 1990 and 2018 the pollen season went up by 20 days each year. The pollen concentrations in […]

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