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Big, Bad Pharma: An Unnecessary Evil

Big Pharma, or the pharmaceutical industry's giant corporations, have earned record profits, falsified clinical trial data and corrupted the healthcare industry according to many industry critics including a recent report posted on[1] The industry's story parallels the history of other corporate monopolies such as Big Oil, the Railroad Industry, Big Agriculture, banking interests and… Continue reading →

The EpiPen Scandal: Big, Bad Pharma Is At It Again

As if medications aren't expensive enough, big pharmaceutical companies are raising prices once again. This time, it's for the EpiPen. This is a device that is needed by those who suffer from severe allergic reactions. They are often used with children who experience a reaction while at school as this is one of the places… Continue reading →

US Drug Prices Continue to Soar

Countless individuals across the country have to take some form of prescription drug or another. Whether it be to deal with the pain from a car accident or because they are battling cancer, prescription drug use is more prevalent than what you might think. Even though some are fortunate to have health insurance to cover… Continue reading →

Big Pharma’s Profit Problem Remains

Consumers have been infuriated about the way that pharmaceutical companies have been raising the prices of their products. The outcry has been so strong that the media has covered this issue extensively and done many stories about it. Politicians and health insurance companies have also spoken out unfavorably about the price increases. However, the massive… Continue reading →

The Sad Truth: Big Hikes On Drug Prices Within USA

The high price of drugs in the United States has been a popular topic during the past two decades. However, the situation has become significantly worse since 2011. The past five years have seen a 100 percent increase in the prices of four of the country's top 10 most popular drugs. This has helped contribute… Continue reading →

The Truth Behind Big Pharma’s Spending

The price of name-brand drugs in the United States has been a hot topic of conversation for many years. However, the problem is now much worse than it has ever been before. The prices that some companies are charging for their drugs are now so expensive that even people with a decent income will have… Continue reading →

American College of Physicians Calls On US Government To Lower Drug Prices

The American College of Physicians has joined the fray in calling for lower prescription drug prices. Boasting 143,000 members, this organization released a position paper on March 28, 2016 that advocated for lower drug prices. It called for the pharmaceutical industry and the government to take action to bring down soaring drug costs.  The United… Continue reading →

Presidential Candidates And Their Position on Personal Importation

The race for the 2016 Presidential election has been a heated one full of arguments, disagreements, and differing views on the best policies for the American people. Healthcare, as always, lies at the center of most discussions, and while each of the candidates’ positions on healthcare vary substantially in many regards, their views points on… Continue reading →

Making Mental Health First Aid as Familiar as CPR

More than 500,000 people die each year of heart attacks, according to statistics from the Women’s Heart Foundation. The number of deaths occur despite the valiant efforts of passersby and onlookers who step in and administer CPR. Most people recognize the signs of a person who is having a heart attack, and they try to… Continue reading →

Why Drugs Cost More Than They Should: The $3.5 Billion Dollar Reason

Pharmaceutical Companies Offer Pay-for-Delay Deals to Generic Drug Manufacturers Anyone needing prescription medications that are required for an illness or chronic health condition is probably shocked by the high cost of brand-name drugs. To avoid losing massive amounts of profits from new medications, pharmaceutical companies have offered pay-for-delay plans to generic medication manufacturers. The average… Continue reading →

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