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Big Pharma Under Fire Again

The opioid epidemic has caused much devastation throughout the country, shattering lives and ruining families. One of the more heartbreaking consequences of the epidemic is the effect that it has had on newborn children whose mothers took opioids during the course of their pregnancy. These children have experienced withdrawal symptoms after they have been born […]

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Doctors Paid 2.5 Million to Promote Questionable Contraceptive

Christina Potts was trying to find a method for permanent birth control when her physician gave her only one option, Essure. The device prevents sperm from reaching the egg and is placed in the fallopian tubes. The procedure left her fatigued, in terrible pain and led to a hysterectomy. To rid herself of Essure, her […]

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Americans Deserve Access to Safe and Affordable Medication

People in the U.S. spend more money on medications than consumers in any other part of the world. Huffington Post published the alarming statistic that 25 percent of Americans are struggling to afford their daily medications. Healthline reports that Canada sells medications for as much as 40 to 60 percent less than U.S. prices. That’s […]

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Big Pharma Backing Off Superbug Fight

Another serious blow has occurred in the fight against infections that are threatening numerous lives. One of the largest drug manufacturers in the world has just waved the proverbial white flag. According to Novartis, they are ending their research regarding antivirals to prioritize their research. This statement was made on Wednesday after Glaxo or GlaxoSmithKline […]

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The Trump Administration and the War on Big Pharma

For years, the price of health care has been rising. Along with that, the price of drugs has also been going up. This places people who need medications at a severe disadvantage. Not very many people can afford drugs without any help and help has been slowly going away. The problem has been ignored by […]

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Big Pharma: Extorting Cancer Patients

Cancer is a terrible disease that afflicts the lives of many unsuspecting United States citizens. One day, they will be living a happy a healthy life. The next, they will be unable to breathe. For some, the progression of the cancer may go much slower and may even be unnoticeable for a long time. Regardless, […]

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Why Big Pharma Pays Your Doctor

The Truth Behind Your Prescription If you or someone you know has been to the doctor recently for an illness or injury, it’s quite likely that you received a prescription from your doctor. Considering that doctors are pledged to aid their patients and are depicted as morally sound individuals who genuinely care for the betterment […]

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Big Corporations are the True Profiteers of the Opioid Crisis

To the relief of families who have lost loved ones to the opioid epidemic, the Trump Administration is finally addressing the crisis. In late March, President Trump introduced the three strategies he’ll use to curb drug abuse in the U.S.: increasing access to the overdose antidote, naloxone, increasing medication-assisted treatment (MAT), and rolling out a […]

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Is Big Pharma Ripping Off Seniors?

In this world of confusion, one thing is clear: Big Pharma is ripping off seniors. Monopolies that are run by people with seemingly endless bankrolls are jacking up the price of medications for the elderly at an alarming rate. There has never been more of a need to revamp the medical insurance system in the […]

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Flu Vaccines: Big Pharma’s $3 Billion a Year Money Maker

The flu vaccine is big news every year, but the flu is still a highly contagious disease that causes thousands of doctor’s visits, hospitalizations and missed days of school and work every year. While most vaccines are highly effective at preventing the spread of disease, each year’s flu vaccine is really a hit-or-miss every year. […]

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