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Know Your Family History

Having a close family member with a specific illness may suggest that you may carry certain genes and you may be at risk as well. Knowing your family history is one of the most important factors in knowing how to prevent or reduce that risk. All family members can benefit from the same knowledge, and… Continue reading →

Immunotherapy Drug: A New Hope For Diabetes?

Immunotherapy, also called biotherapy, is a treatment focused on raising body’s natural defenses to fight cancer. The concept of this treatment is based on using the cells produced by the body to restore and improve immune system functions. The ultimate goal is to stop the cancer cells from spreading into the other parts of the… Continue reading →

Do You Feel the Squeeze at Your Job? So Might Your Heart!

If you take your job home with you, you could be putting your health at risk. Many people work in places that are stressful or just plain inhospitable. Your boss might be too demanding, your co-workers might be overbearing backstabbers or you might be in the wrong line of work. It's obvious that workplace stress… Continue reading →

12 Months of Giving: Boys and Girls Clubs Of America

Planet Drugs Direct continues its “12 Months of Giving” initiative with its latest fundraising effort: a bake sale to raise funds and awareness for the Boys and Girls Clubs of America. Each month, Planet Drugs Direct raises funds for a different charity using various fundraising strategies and office teams that are assigned based on their… Continue reading →

National Oral Health Month – What You Need To Know

The month of April celebrates National Oral Health. People seldom think of their mouth when they consider their overall health; however, the mouth can cause health problems if a person has poor dental hygiene, and it can be an indicator that a person has poor health. For instance, cavities and gum disease can be a… Continue reading →

5 Steps to Good Oral Health

There is more to good oral health than simply brushing your teeth at bedtime. Although brushing and flossing are important, there are a number of other steps you should take if you want your teeth to last a lifetime. Good oral health is also essential for your overall general health. For example, poor oral hygiene… Continue reading →

Can Yoga Decrease Your Heart Disease Risk?

Yoga is an Appropriate Exercise for Everyone Many individuals are concerned about developing heart disease while aging, making it impossible to live life to its fullest. While exercise is an important way to reduce the risks of having cardiac conditions, intense sports are often too difficult for individuals with mobility issues such as stiff joints… Continue reading →

Midlife Diabetes Linked to Memory Problems Later On?

About 100 million people worldwide have been diagnosed with diabetes, and medical experts say that the aging population will add to the total number of those with this serious metabolic disorder. New research is uncovering the effects of diabetes and how it causes other health problems. A recent study on diabetes and memory suggests the… Continue reading →

Sitting Increases Disease Risk – Can We Combat It?

According to Dr. David Alter, Senior Scientist of the Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences, more than half of peoples’ days is spent being sedentary. Most people spend much time working at the computer, watching TV or sitting at a desk. The problem is that sitting for long periods of time has been found to increase… Continue reading →

Big, Bad Pharma

Although the U.S. pharmaceutical industry capitalizes on our need for prescription drugs by charging unfairly high prices, states that border Canada have discovered a secret that allowed them to relieve budgetary issues by saving money on the medications they need through importing prescription drugs from Canada and using online prescription referral services. Saving money isn't… Continue reading →