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The Senate Grills Big Pharma Over Price-Gouging But Solves Nothing

On Tuesday, February 26th, a Senate congressional panel lampooned the CEOs of 7 top pharmaceutical giants like Johnson-Johnson, Sanofi, Astra-Zeneca, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Pfizer, for evident price-gouging of their U.S. constituents. Senator Ron Wyden, Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley, Senator Steve Daines, Senator Maggie Hassan, and Senator Johnny Isakson, among others, let the big pharmacy businesses know […]

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Big Pharma Is Paying Patient Advocacy Groups to Oppose Medicare Changes

What’s going on between Big Pharma, Capitol Hill, lobbyists, and the masses? There’s something going on between Big Pharma (major pharmaceutical companies), advocacy organizations, the general public, and lawmakers. For some people the details are a little too foggy, and they feel like the situation is too important to let mystery get involved. The overall […]

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Big Pharma Doctor Payments Tied to Opioid Deaths

The opioid crisis has been a constant in the news lately. Thousands of people all across the country have died from overdoses of a wide variety of opioid painkillers. Individuals become addicted and turn to crime to fuel their addiction. This widespread phenomenon is so complex that politicians and policymakers have had a hard time […]

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Medical Researchers Hide Funding from Big Pharma

Introduction The life of today is filled with so many ups and down, and the medical world is one that’s suffered a huge blow. Some issues have now gotten out of hand. One of the most pressing issues that is still being investigated is the case of doctors and scientists concealing the funding from big […]

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A New Threat to Big Pharma

A small, obscure research firm, The Institute for Clinical and Economic Review (ICER), may be the biggest new threat to Big Pharma to date. ICER researches and evaluates medications and then reports on whether effectiveness matches price. Already New York’s Medicaid program is using ICER research to negotiate price cuts with Big Pharma. The question […]

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Top American Employers Fighting Back Against Big Pharma

Corporate America has a thorny problem. And the name of that problem is Big Pharma. The copay system in American healthcare is where employees who hold healthcare policies pay a particular amount out of their pocket for medical costs at the point of care. This system has come under scrutiny in the recent past and […]

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Attorney General Suing Janssen Pharmaceutical

Pharmaceutical companies make a lot of money. They do a lot of research and they make a lot of medicines that people really need to help them manage and survive medical conditions. The pharmaceutical companies need to take accountability for some of the methods that they use to get people to use these medicines. Specifically, […]

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New Proposal to Show Drug Prices in Ads

There is no doubt that prescription drug policies have wreaked havoc in America. From doctors being trained to overprescribe opioids, contributing to a massive opioid epidemic to the overprescription of antibiotics leading to individuals often self-medicating to avoid costly and time-consuming visits to the doctor, pharmaceutical companies have potentially done far more to harm to […]

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A Stern Warning for Big Pharma

America is great, unless you get sick. This is a common remark that most people in the US firmly believe. The pharmaceutical companies are notorious for destroying lives rather than to save them due to their exorbitant price tags. Now, Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar has vowed to change the pharmaceutical price gouging […]

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Pfizer Loses Landmark Case

Big pharmaceuticals are not known for rolling over when a generic drug maker encroaches on the territory of their prized super drug patents. They have carried out huge, long, and costly court case battles to defend these lucrative drugs for decades. Pfizer now could be called the poster child for this unswerving corporate determination. They […]

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