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A Stern Warning for Big Pharma

America is great, unless you get sick. This is a common remark that most people in the US firmly believe. The pharmaceutical companies are notorious for destroying lives rather than to save them due to their exorbitant price tags. Now, Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar has vowed to change the pharmaceutical price gouging […]

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Pfizer Loses Landmark Case

Big pharmaceuticals are not known for rolling over when a generic drug maker encroaches on the territory of their prized super drug patents. They have carried out huge, long, and costly court case battles to defend these lucrative drugs for decades. Pfizer now could be called the poster child for this unswerving corporate determination. They […]

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Big Pharma Is On The Ropes In The State Of Colorado

Purdue Pharma L.P. has had better days in its existence. Right now the company faces a mounting number of lawsuits from various entities over its drug known as Oxycontin. You have likely heard of the drug even if you have never personally used it. It is a commonly prescribed painkiller that critics say is highly […]

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Why You Should Get a Flu Shot

Reasons to Get The Flu Vaccine With the arrival of autumn, the new flu shots for the winter flu season are now available. The CDC estimates that only 45 percent of Americans receive flu shots in any given year. The flu sickens up to 20 percent of the total U.S. population, resulting in more than […]

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The History of Personal Importation Bills

Americans pay more for prescription medicine than any other people in the world. Over the last decade alone, prices for insulin have tripled. In fact, retail prescription medicines have experienced a double-digit price increase in the last three years alone. This has put many patients in a difficult financial situation. Some of whom have to […]

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Big Pharma Exec Says he Has “Moral Requirement” to Hike Price 400%

There are thousands of horror stories of consumers being overcharged for pharmaceuticals. Unsuspecting customers arrive at the pharmacy only to find that the medicine which will make them better comes to a total bill in the thousands. People die every day not because there is no cure for what disease or ailment that they might […]

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The Rising Cost of Insulin

Insulin is a hormone that sends a message for your other cells to open up and metabolize the glucose in your blood. It is normally produced in the pancreas unless you have Type 1 diabetes and are dependent upon high-grade prescription insulin. The failure to treat Type 1 diabetes will result in death. Insulin is […]

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Study Shows Drug Prices Rise When In Short Supply

The cost of healthcare has been on an upward spiral. Patients decry the rising costs of insurance and a narrowing coverage spectrum. What one cannot afford in insurance premiums, he or she has to pay in out-of-pocket payments that continue to skyrocket by the day. The recent revelation by Associated Press that medicine price increment […]

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We Need Your Help! Please Take This Campaign for Personal Importation Survey

The Campaign for Personal Prescription Importation needs your input! Please take a few minutes (should take no more than 5 minutes) to share your feedback in the annual Personal Prescription Importation Survey. TAKE THE SURVEY HERE These surveys are critical for helping to share the realities of safe and affordable personal prescription importation with Congressional […]

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Ghostwriting in Medical Journals

The medical profession in America faces complex challenges in the 21st century. Medical Ghostwriting is a challenge that threatens the credibility and integrity of professional medical publications and highly trained medical providers. HISTORY OF GHOSTWRITING The phenomenon of ghostwriting is not new. Fiction writers and autobiographers often enlist the services of a ghostwriter to enhance […]

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