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Refill Your Prescriptions Early and Avoid Delivery Delays!

If you are getting your prescriptions by mail, then you will want to get your re-fills in as soon as possible. With the upcoming Holiday Season your orders may take much longer to get to you. That’s why it is important that you refill your prescriptions as soon as possible. How soon? You should submit […]

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Shortage of Disinfectants in Your Area? Here’s What You Can Do

Reopening America means everyone must work together to lessen exposure to the coronavirus. This calls for social distancing, virus testing, contact tracing and self-isolation. It also involves cleaning and disinfecting public spaces. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) created guidelines for disinfection. These guidelines apply to businesses, workplaces, schools and other public places. […]

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Massages and Acupuncture Treatments: Are They Safe During COVID-19

Knowing what’s safe during the pandemic can be challenging to say the least. While staying a safe distance apart has been established as necessary, many are wondering why. If COVID-19 is spread by droplets from the mouth, does wearing a mask mean it’s okay to stand close to someone? These are just some of the […]

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Why You Should Limit TV Time to Two Hours

Binge watching your favorite television show is entertaining. During the time of quarantine the pandemic, many people simply find themselves watching lots more TV than normal. You may find yourself doing more sedentary things like playing video games or watching screens. This isn’t the best thing for you. In fact, some say it’s best to […]

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What Experts Think About Schools Reopening

The quarantine period has everyone stuck at home all day long. Schools, offices, and events were closed down to avoid the spread of the virus. However, as time passes by, people will slowly return to their normal lives. Therefore, people are advised to be familiar with safety measures when they are in public areas. Just […]

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Can Screen Time Affect Children’s Language Skills?

It is increasingly easy to sit children down in front of a screen to keep them occupied while the adults work, talk or cook. However, too much screen time can seriously impede child development and may make it more difficult for children to keep up with the target language skill range for their age group. […]

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5 Tips for Spotting Fake Health News

It seems everyone has an opinion when it comes to the news. The problem is that many of these opinions get spun into actual news. As the news of the pandemic and other health issues hits our news feeds, many people find it difficult to know what’s the right thing to believe. We’ve got five […]

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Returning to Nature? Here’s How You Can Avoid Ticks

Everyone is itching to get back to nature. People want to take a walk in the woods and see those lush trees and bushes. It makes sense, especially now that the scientific community found that nature can relax the mind and improve cognitive functions. While you are out, you have to exercise some caution because […]

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Pets: Pandemic Stress Reducing Superheroes

We are living in unprecedented times. A worldwide pandemic, civil unrest, and job layoffs threaten even the most centered person’s sanity. With all of this chaos and unpredictability going on, we need time to devote to our physical and mental health more than ever. It may seem like taking the dog for a walk or […]

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Coronavirus Vaccine Status Update

COVID-19, a highly infectious disease caused by a coronavirus and that began in Wuhan, China has now infected more than 7.4 million people globally, with deaths being over 400,000. The disease has led to shut down of many businesses as many countries go into lockdown in efforts to contain the spread of the disease. The […]

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