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Avoid These 5 Bad Habits for Your Heart

Caring for your heart is extremely important if you want to live a long, healthy and happy life. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, heart disease is the leading cause of death for men and women in the United States. Take control of your health by avoiding these five bad habits for… Continue reading →

The Truth Behind Opposition of International Prescription Referral Services

Before online pharmacies became immensely popular, Americans used to take buses to Canada to fill their prescriptions. Nowadays they have the convenience of jumping online and saving tons of dollars by completing their purchase via online prescription referral services, like Planet Drugs Direct. Americans are flocking to these Canadian prescription referral services rather than doing… Continue reading →

Excessive Cell Phone Use and Depression

In just a few years, most people have made extraordinary changes in how they experience life. Instead of interacting with other people face-to-face, observing the world around them and getting valuable health benefits from physical activities, people are spending hours each day sitting with their hands held up to their ears and living virtually. Cell… Continue reading →

Familial Genetic Disorder Leads to Manufacture of New Medication to Reduce Levels of LDL Cholesterol

New Drug Approved to Lower LDL Cholesterol The Food and Drug Administration has approved a new prescription medication designed to lower a patient’s LDL cholesterol levels. Low-density lipoproteins are considered more dangerous than other forms of cholesterol. In addition, there are individuals with a propensity for developing chronic heart disease due to a genetic abnormality… Continue reading →

12 Months of Giving: ASPCA

Holding a fundraiser provides a tremendous opportunity to fund a worthy cause, educate the public and help support valuable services and programs offered by various charitable organizations. Because of our unwavering commitment to our “12 Months of Giving” resolution, we will sponsor another philanthropic event to gather donations for the American Society for the Prevention… Continue reading →

Female Viagra Nearing Approval in U.S.

A panel from the United States government is backing a new, pioneer medication to treat female sexual interest/arousal disorder, which is more commonly known as FSIAD. FSIAD can deeply affect the lifestyles of many women, possibly dissolving relationships and lowering day to day levels of satisfaction. Flibanserin, currently nicknamed the "female Viagra", works to help… Continue reading →

Are You Paying The Price of Big Pharma’s Greed?

The quick-paced evolution of medical treatments is causing a serious concern about continuously rising health care cost. The expense-driving drugs are typically the ones that are newly developed and allow the patients to have a choice of treatment. However, the price competition makes it impossible to obtain them for an average person as many insurance… Continue reading →

Pharma’s Profit Problem

The days when Big Pharma's profit growth were going to be decimated by patent expirations and no new big drugs are over. The AMEX Pharmaceutical Index (^DRG)’s has more than doubled in the last 5 years Gilead's Solvaldi had $2B in sales last quarter, making it one of the biggest new drug launches ever; at… Continue reading →

12 Months of Giving: The Nature Conservancy

At Planet Drugs Direct, we're deeply gratified to be able to provide our customers with high-quality medications at low prices. However, we also seek to make other contributions to society. To that end, we've created our "12 Months of Giving" campaign, which lets us raise funds in fun ways. Every month, we've been earning money… Continue reading →

Reducing Digital Eye Strain

Eye strain is a direct result of spending large amounts of time staring at computer screens. Most people have jobs which require long days of computer usage, so some eye strain is inevitable. Even though computer use is required, eye strain is still perfectly avoidable. Headaches and dry eyes are not fun after a long… Continue reading →