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12 Months of Giving: Alzheimer’s Association

At Planet Drugs Direct, for the 11th month of our 12 Months of Giving program. With the arrival of 2015, we made a resolution to raise money for a different charity each month. In November, we proudly raised $270 for the Alzheimer’s Association!  Throwing Pies for Charity The members of our office staff at Planet Drugs… Continue reading →

Debate on Drug Prices Renew Fight Over Personal Prescription Importation

As the debate over drug prices heats up, it has rekindled a discussion about the private importation of prescription drugs from other nations. Some politicians like Senator John McCain and Senator Chuck Grassley have advocated for importing drugs directly from international prescription referral services. While this would allow Americans to pay a lower price for… Continue reading →

Bright Light Therapy – Easing Depression’s Symptoms

Depression is a mood disorder that affects 350 million people worldwide. Effective treatment for depression can sometimes be difficult because antidepressant medications can work with some people and not others or may cause unpleasant side effects. Bright light therapy offers another option that appears to have significant success in treating the symptoms of depression.  What… Continue reading →

Presidential Hopefuls Support Affordable Drug Options for Americans

The CPPI, which stands for the Campaign for Personal Prescription Drug Importation, has received vocal support from several presidential candidates and current members of Congress for the group's efforts in providing prescription drug importation options from Canada. With so many proposals now suggested, the CPPI is planning on clarifying its stance on each proposal's merits.… Continue reading →

12 Months of Giving: World Vision International

We at Planet Drugs Direct, a prescription referral service that helps consumers to find affordable prescription medications, have resolved to engage in a monthly charitable giving effort to a different charity during each month of the year. As part of our program of "12 Months of Giving," we are excited to be focusing on this… Continue reading →

What Check 21 Can Do For You

With the proliferation of the Internet, American consumers needed a new way to make purchases, and the Check 21 Act gave this to them. For example, when you pay for your goods with a check, the retailer creates an electronic image of it. This eliminates the need for your bank to have the paper version… Continue reading →

12 Months of Giving: St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

As part of our company's commitment to our “12 Months of Giving” resolution to donate to a different charity for each month, we have chosen St. Jude Children's Research Hospital as the recipient for October 2015. The fundraiser will be held within the Planet Drugs Direct office and feature an all-you-can-eat pancake breakfast for staff… Continue reading →

Big, Bad Pharma: Daraprim Increases From $13.50 per pill to $750, Overnight

Patients who require Daraprim could have more difficulty obtaining the drug after the price rose from $13.50 per pill to $750 overnight. Martin Shkreli, the CEO of Turing Pharmacuticals, has been unapologetic about drastically increasing the price of a 62-year-old drug. According to Shkreli, Daraprim was not priced appropriately when his start-up company bought rights… Continue reading →

The Importance of Personal Importation: An Interview With an American Customer

Despite the recent changes in insurance regulations, the rising cost of healthcare is still a serious problem in the United States. Compared with other countries, America has a greater percentage of chronically ill patients who often times even with Medicare, report that they have significant financial barriers to receiving adequate care due to high out-of-pocket… Continue reading →

Heart Health – Panic Attacks vs. Heart Attacks

Panic Attacks and Heart Attacks Have Similar Symptoms Heart attacks and panic attacks have similar symptoms, making a diagnosis difficult for a medical professional examining and testing a patient in an emergency room. Because physicians are accustomed to seeing males over age 50 having heart attacks, the automatic assumption for females and younger individuals is… Continue reading →