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4 Steps to Buy Medicines Safely from Canadian Drug Stores

With the rising costs for overpriced prescription drugs, many Americans choose to buy their medications internationally. It is an effective way to save money and the medication you receive is of the highest quality in comparison to prescription drugs bought from an American pharmacy. One of the most popular countries that Americans choose to buy prescription drugs by mail order is from Canada.

Ordering is usually done through online drugstores and the medication shipped to the buyer’s address or local pharmacy. Since ordering anything online has its risks, here are the steps to buy medicines safely from Canadian drugstores.

Step 1 – Buy Only from Certified Drugstores

One of the first steps when buying prescription drugs from Canada is to make sure that you are dealing with a Canadian drugs pharmacy

website that is certified by the Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA). Composed of approved Canadian pharmacies, this organization is only certifies legitimate websites that provide excellent customer service and high-quality medication. In addition, the US-based National Bureau of Economic Research reported that medications sold by CIPA-approved online pharmacies have no difference in safety and are 100% authentic when compared to medication sold in American pharmacies. Most CIPA-approved online pharmacies will show their certification on their homepage as well as contact information which should be clearly visible. You can also contact CIPA or visit their website which provides a member list of online pharmacies that are licensed and registered in Canada.

Step 2 – Beware of Scam Websites

It is important to avoid scam websites when ordering prescription drugs from online drugstores in Canada. Some websites will advertise that no prescription is necessary. However, all Canadian pharmacies that are reputable and certified will always require a prescription for any drug that requires a doctor’s prescription in the US. Some websites will even claim that they will write a prescription for you. Once again, this is probably a scam. Lastly, some online pharmacies will not reveal who the manufacturer is for the drug you are interested in purchasing. This is also more than likely a scam because the manufacturer for drugs in Canada makes that same drug the US.

Step 3 – Read Customer Feedback

The next step to ensure that you are dealing with a reputable Canadian drugstore online is to find an accurate review website that provides customer feedback. You should only use review sites that only permit reviews from people who have purchased from a particular pharmacy. Reading customer feedback from people who have already bought the same medication that you need will provide you with reassurance and help you learn more about a specific pharmacy that you are interested in. However, it is important to note that not all review sites provide accurate information.

Step 4 – Use a Pharmacy Checker

There is one popular website that can help you find the best drug prices and also verifies reputable online pharmacies in Canada. not only compares prices for drugs offered online but also gives pharmacy ratings as well as other useful advice. is a partner of and takes pride in having over 400,000 trusted customers.

If you want to save on medication, buying them from a Canadian drug store will help you save tons of money. By following the steps mentioned, you can safely order medications from Canada and have them arrive at your door in just a matter of days. You will not only save money but a lot of time as well.