Does Advair Diskus Treat Occupational Asthma?

Living with asthma can severely limit the physical abilities of a sufferer. An asthmatic episode can even threaten the life of a sufferer, so it is important for people who have this condition to pursue the proper treatment method. Occupational asthma is a specific type of this condition that requires the use of unique treatment options.

What Is Occupational Asthma?

Occupational asthma is a type of this disorder that is exasperated by the environment in which a person works. While people who have occupational asthma often already suffer from asthma, there are cases in which the work environment actually causes the condition.

Asthmatic episodes that involve shortness of breath, tightness in the chest and wheezing occur in sufferers. Exposure to dust particles, gases or chemical fumes may lead to occupational asthma. Asthma treatments can help reduce the symptoms of this condition, but the only way to truly treat occupational asthma is by eliminating exposure to the trigger.

How Advair Diskus Works

Advair Diskus is an inhaler that contains salmeterol and fluticasone. These medications are intended to treat the symptoms of asthma. Salmeterol is a muscle relaxant that specifically targets the muscles that make up the air passages that lead to the lungs. This medication works to ensure that these passages remain open and clear to allow an asthma sufferer to breathe normally.

Fluticasone is a corticosteroid that works to prevent inflammation in the lungs. The reduction in swelling that is caused by this medication allows the air passages in the lungs to remain clear.

Advair Diskus is a combined inhaler that must be used in the long term in order to provide relief to sufferers. Some inhalers are designed to provide immediate relief for asthma symptoms, but this inhaler is specifically made for long-term use.

Using Advair Diskus To Treat Occupational Asthma

Advair Diskus is particularly useful for people who have uncontrolled occupational asthma. While removal of the trigger can help to relieve symptoms, many people who suffer from occupational asthma do not have the option to stop being exposed to their triggers. Advair Diskus can be used as a long-term solution to facilitate breathing by opening the airways.

It should be noted that Advair Diskus is not the same as a rescue inhaler. Rescue inhalers are ideal for people who suffer from occasional, severe asthma attacks. The ongoing treatment offered by Advair Diskus is better suited to people who suffer from a chronic swelling of the airways.

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