FDA Approval of Bulk Prescription Drug Importation In Florida

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If you are wondering how healthcare costs are going to fit into your budget, you are not alone. The cost of prescription medications in the United States has been a significant barrier to quality care for years. The CDC estimates a significant portion of adults aged 18–64 are unable to take the medications prescribed to them due to high costs. 

This problem of finding affordable medications has led to several proposed solutions. On an individual level, patients are searching for pharmacies in Canada that ship to the US. At a broader policy level, states are considering bulk importation of prescription medications from Canada. 

A recent FDA authorization of bulk prescription medication imports offers further acceptance that prescription drugs sourced from Canada are safe and effective. 

Buying Prescription Medications From Canada

Individual states are beginning to lead the charge to improve access to medications imported from Canada. These imports are meant to be available in bulk, and the savings may eventually be passed to individual consumers. 

What Does Bulk Importation of Medications Mean?

Prescription medications in the United States are, on average, over 2.5x more expensive when compared with other countries. Individual consumers have been taking advantage of these lower costs for decades. In recent years, bipartisan political support has led multiple states to seek authorization for bulk imports from Canada. These include: 

  • Florida.

  • Colorado. 

  • Maine. 

  • New Hampshire.

  • New Mexico. 

  • Vermont. 

Traditionally, the United States has sought to maintain a primarily closed distribution system for prescription drugs. Medications are evaluated for safety and efficacy by the FDA, and strict guidelines are in place. 

When bulk importation was proposed, representatives of PhRMA were among those most strongly opposed. They raised questions regarding safety, which largely hinge on FDA oversight, but another primary motivator was arguably the protection of profit margins. Representatives of the state of Florida estimate an annual savings of $150 million through the bulk importation of prescription medications from Canada. 

Current provisions include a monitoring program for safety, but FDA approval of bulk importation offers important validation of the safety and efficacy of drugs bought from Canada. 

What Are The Best Pharmacies In Canada That Ship To The US? 

These policies are an important step forward in controlling the costs of medications in the United States. Savings for the individual consumer have the potential to be diluted as they pass through wholesalers and retail pharmacies and are further influenced by insurance companies and pharmacy benefit managers, however. 

Your medications can be purchased and shipped directly to you by a Canadian pharmacy, preventing your savings from being diluted. In short, buying directly from Canadian pharmacies is likely to give you the best price for the medications you need. 

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