How Eating Breakfast Can Promote A Healthy Heart

You’ve always been told to eat breakfast, but you may have decided to ignore the advice because you’re not a fan of breakfast foods or don’t have the time to stop and eat in the morning. Regardless of how busy you are, it’s important not to skip breakfast so that you can improve your health.

A recent study from Harvard with 27,000 men showed that those who walked out the door without breakfast were 27 percent more likely to experience death from coronary heart disease or have a heart attack. They were also more likely to lead an unhealthy lifestyle by drinking, smoking and being less physically active.

Not eating breakfast is linked to coronary heart disease because it sends the body into a state of prolonged fasting. This prolonged fasting can lead to an increase in blood pressure, higher concentrations of insulin, and a decrease in HDL cholesterol, the good cholesterol.

Eating resets the metabolism. How and when you feed your body reflects how your metabolism changes. Your cardio health will be able to feel the effects, too. If you have more food in your body, you will have more energy, making it easier to burn fat and exercise.

Breakfast doesn’t have to involve four eggs, bacon, potatoes and toast. It can be as simple as eating a bowl of oatmeal, a cereal bar, or anything else that has some substance to it. Protein in the morning is good because it provides energy and allows the body to get the fuel it needs. Breakfast should also include carbs, vitamins and minerals. If you skip breakfast, you are likely going to crave high calorie foods later in the day which can lead to weight gain.

Eating a healthy meal first thing in the morning is one of the best things that you can do for your body. It’s a healthy start that will reduce the risk of heart attacks and heart disease. Find time for breakfast each morning and watch it give you a healthier, more energetic start. You owe it to your body to feed it right.