How Januvia Helps Control Blood Sugar Levels In Type 2 Diabetes Patients

Diabetes is a disease that occurs when the levels of insulin in a person’s body are not normal. There are two types of diabetes – diabetes type 1 and diabetes type 2. Type 2 diabetes patients, (those that are not on insulin), can be controlled by the drug Januvia, but this drug cannot be used for type 1 diabetes patients.

Information About Januvia

Januvia is also called Sitagliptin, and it is an oral form of medication that helps to control the levels of insulin in the body, especially after eating, in people that have type 2 diabetes. In some cases, it is used in combination with other medications. It is important that people taking Januvia also keep up with their exercise routines, watch their weight, practice a diet that is good for diabetics, and they should continue to take their other medications. Januvia should only be taken under a doctor’s care.

How Is Januvia Taken?

The drug Januvia may be taken with meals or not. It all depends on what the doctor prescribes for the person. Anyone who is taking the drug should follow the doctor’s instructions completely. It is an oral form of medication that can be taken with or without a meal.

The Recommended Dosage For Januvia

For most people, the daily dosage of Januvia is 100 mg. It is important that the doctor know any of the other medications that a person is taking because Januvia may interfere with some of them. In controlled studies, only 5 % of the people taking it had adverse side effects from taking Januvia.

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Important Things To Remember When Taking Januvia

It is important that people do not let their blood sugar levels dip when they are taking Januvia. They should not skip meals because this will cause them to feel tired, they may sweat, have tremors, feel hungry and have a headache. They can drink orange juice or milk to gain back the sugar levels. Glucose tablets and a piece of hard candy can also help to make the blood sugar levels rise.

Some Adverse Reactions From Januvia

  • There can be allergic reactions from Januvia in some patients. It is important that a person seek medical care if they notice skin rashes, blistering, fever and other types of ailments.
  • In some people, the drug Januvia has been known to cause pancreatitis. There will be stomach pains which are severe, and a person should get medical attention immediately.
  • People that are in diabetic shock should not use Januvia. They should seek their doctor’s immediate attention.
  • Urination may be difficult.
  • A person may also experience weight gain.

Januvia helps many type 2 diabetes patients control their sugar levels. The drug is safe to use for most people, but it is always advisable to consult a medical practitioner if a person notices any adverse reactions from taking it.