How to Save on Co-pay/Prescriptions by Using Canadian Pharmacies

If you are interested in saving money on your insurance co pay as well as prescription drugs, then ordering through Canadian online

pharmacies is a good option. Prescription drugs that come from Canada are far less expensive than most drugs that come from other pharmacies around the world. Although

your insurance company may have convinced you that it is helping you save money through a medical co pay, there is a pretty good chance that you are still spending too

much money. Even if you do not have an insurance co pay plan, prescription drugs offered at Canadian online pharmacies provide huge discounts and can save you hundreds

if not thousands of dollars per year.

Saving on Co Pay:

Medical insurance is very important when you need to go to the emergency room or see a doctor for medical attention. With all the

recent hype about Obamacare, it is clearly evident that all Americans need medical insurance when there is a need for treatment or medication. Although insurance

companies claim they offer discounts or pay a large portion of the cost for prescription drugs through medical co pay, you may be surprised to find out that your

insurance company is not really paying much at all.

Some insurance companies will include in their co pay policy that you are not covered when buying a generic brand. In addition,

pharmacies that accept your insurance co pay might tell you that the generic version of drug you need is not available. You can avoid all of this hassle and stop

paying huge amounts of money for co pay plans and expensive dugs at American pharmacies by ordering prescription drugs online through a Canadian pharmacy.

Huge Savings on Prescription Drugs:

Since Canada has a universal healthcare system that is nationwide, drug prices are controlled when they are distributed among its

territories. This system allows Canadian pharmacies negotiate for lower prices on the cost of drugs that are purchased. On the contrary, the US drug market is

dominated by big conglomerates who set their own price; which of course are commonly too expensive for the average American to afford. In addition, the value of the

Canadian dollar is oftentimes lower than the American dollar.

Since Canada is our neighbor to the north, shipping rates are quite favorable as well. In most cases, the cost for shipping combined

with the price of the drug is still comparatively low when compared to buying the same drug from a local American pharmacy. When ordering from a Canadian pharmacy, it

is a good idea to compare prices, inquire about shipping costs, as well as check the US/Canadian dollar exchange rate which can be done easily by using an online

currency converter.

With lower costs, cheap shipping, and a favorable exchange rate, it is clear that you can save tons of money or even eliminate your

co-pay insurance plan. In addition, by ordering through online Canadian pharmacies, you have the option to buy brand-name or generic prescriptions which are both

offered at prices that are substantially less than what you would pay at US pharmacies. It is important to know as much information as possible before making a

purchase online. Take the time to research more about Canadian online pharmacies.