Flu Cases and the Current Trajectory of Flu Cases

Low Flu Cases Now

During the past few months, there have been fewer cases of the flu virus. While this is good news for many people, health experts believe that flu cases will soon rise. According to many medical experts, more people will get the flu as society gets back to normal and recovers from the COVID 19 pandemic. With a future rise in flu cases, health experts encourage people to get a flu shot so they are less likely to get infected. Taking the flu shot can also help prevent a rise in hospitalizations as well. With preventative measures, more people will be able to avoid getting the flu and keep the rise in cases to a minimum during the upcoming flu season.

Preventative Measures Last Year

Last year, there was a historic low of flu cases. Due to the COVID 19 pandemic, many people who got sick had the virus instead of the normal flu. This can be credited to many people using masks, staying home and keeping a distance from others on a regular basis. All of these things contributed to the number of flu cases being low throughout last year’s flu season.

While many people have focused on social distancing, wearing masks and staying home last year, they are less likely to do that now. In order for the number of flu cases to stay at a minimum, many people are advised to immunize themselves to the flu by getting their annual shot. Along with getting the flu shot, people can also keep their distance from others unless they really have to and continue working from home if possible. Taking these steps will allow people to stay healthy and avoid getting sick during the next few months.

Reopening of Schools

There are a number of factors that are likely to contribute to a rise in flu cases. One of these is the reopening of schools. As more people return to school, there will be more crowds of people which will result in more cases of the flu. Since teachers, administrators and students go back to school, there will be more exposure to those who are ill and as a result, more people will get sick.

Many People in Public Places

Another factor that will lead to a rise in flu cases is that many people will be present in public places. With more people going to sporting events, social gatherings, restaurants, bars, nightclubs and concerts, people will be exposed to others who may have the flu.

Businesses Reopening

As the COVID 19 pandemic gets under control, more businesses will reopen meaning, more people will be coming to various establishments in larger numbers. This too will contribute to more people getting the flu due to increased exposure. All types of businesses such as retail stores, restaurants and corporate offices will return to pre pandemic schedules that require people to come to work each day.

Lower Restrictions

Once the nation begins to recover from the pandemic, restrictions will continue to lower. There will no longer be any shutdowns and closures which will allow all types of businesses to be open. There will also be less people wearing masks as well. With no more mask mandates, people will be more likely to spread the flu and get it at the same time.

Getting the Flu Shot

Since there will likely be an increase in flu cases, it is important to take action ahead of time so that you don’t get very sick. The best thing that anyone can do when looking to prevent themselves from getting the flu is to take the annual shot. Taking the flu shot will ensure that you are immune to the flu and enable you to continue living your normal lifestyle without having to worry about getting a potentially severe illness. Since the flu shot is very cheap and free in some cases, it is worth getting in order to preserve your health during this flu season.

You Can Help Preventing Hospital Overcrowding

With more people getting the flu shot and taking the necessary precautions to keep themselves healthy, there will also be a reduction in hospitalizations. Since the pandemic is still present, it is important that people do their part to prevent hospitals from getting overcrowded and using more resources than they should. By having less hospitalizations for the flu, healthcare facilities can provide care for patients who are dealing with COVID 19 as well as other conditions that require medical care such as cancer treatment, physical therapy, surgery and treatment for severe injuries.

Rising Flu Cases is Normal

As of right now the number of flu cases is quite low compared to most years. According to health experts, it is normal to have a low amount of flu cases during the first couple of months during flu season. However, it is also common for cases to rise during the next few months as well. While a rise in flu cases is likely, there are plenty of ways in which they can be prevented and ensure that people remain healthy throughout the next few months.

Higher Flu Cases Can Be Prevented

During the next few months, there will likely be an increase in flu cases but they are still preventable. Individuals who eat healthy, exercise, drink plenty of fluids and take the annual flu shot will be able to preserve their health and contribute to keeping the flu case numbers low during the peak months of flu season. By taking preventative measures, people will be less likely to get sick and less people will be endangered by a major illness during this winter.

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