How To Treat ED Post Diagnosis

Learning how to treat ED after a diagnosis is a vital step to ridding yourself of it. Erectile dysfunction has the potential to impact a man’s quality of life. The first step to treating the condition is getting a proper diagnosis, but what can men do after they have been diagnosed? Knowing where to start after being diagnosed allows men to begin regaining quality of life by reversing the effects of ED.

Treatment Options For ED

The good news is that men who are diagnosed with erectile dysfunction can choose how to treat ED from many treatment options from which to choose. It may be necessary for men to try more than one of these options before being able to achieve and maintain an erection. Patience is important during this process. The treatment options that are available for ED include:

Prescription Drugs

Medications like Viagra and Cialis work to reverse ED by allowing blood flow to enter the penis. These medications are not intended to actually cause an erection, but they will allow an erection to occur when a man is stimulated. Men who are thinking about trying a prescription medication for ED should discuss this option with their medical provider. Some men are not able to use these medications because of other health conditions.


Penile pumps are able to stimulate blood flow in order to help a man achieve an erection. A ring is then placed on the base of the penis to ensure that the blood remains in the penis during intercourse.


A penile implant can be inserted into the penis during surgery. Flexible rods or a fluid-filled device will be implanted during this procedure. Men who opt for the fluid-filled device are able to achieve an erection by using a pump prior to engaging in intercourse.

How To Regain A Normal Sex Life Once You’ve Learned How To Treat ED

Men who suffer from ED may be worried that their partner will become frustrated because of the limitations that the condition causes. Using the treatment options outlined above can allow men to achieve an erection, but it is common for these treatments to take time.

Being patient during the process of treating ED is important. While it can be frustrating to experience ED, treatment options work best when men are willing to dedicate time and energy into these treatments. Partners may have to explore other options for intimacy during the treatment process.

The most important thing that a man can do after being diagnosed with ED is to keep an open line of communication with his partner. Keeping the diagnosis private may exacerbate the problem, so it is important for partners to talk through the problem.

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