Surprising Signs Of Depression

Many people imagine that depression shows obvious signs such as sadness, but depression can present itself in various ways. Some people experience physical and mental symptoms, and others may even be unaware that they suffer from the illness. They may see themselves having problems with motivation or concentration rather than experiencing true mental illness.

To help you recognize the signs of depression, here is a list of surprising signs to look for:

1. Shopping Spree

When you suddenly want to buy everything you come across, even if you don't need them, it could be a sign of depression.

One theory says that we tend to spend more when we suffer from mental illness because we want to compensate ourselves. You want to feel better with material things, and this is especially common with those who have an impulse-control disorder like Bipolar Disorder and shopping compulsions.

2. Your Appetite Is Out of Control

If you're eating more than usual and can't control your appetite, it might be a sign of depression. An increased appetite is one of the main symptoms of depression, as we tend to link with food when we are sad. But you must understand that in the process of eating more than your body needs, you're gaining too much weight. This, in turn, leads to other weight problems such as obesity or heart disease.

3. You're Suffering from Relationship Problems

If you see your relationship is no longer as happy as before, you might be suffering from depression. Depression may cause problems in how you treat others, how you think of them, and how your partner thinks of you. Once this happens, it will be hard for you to continue the relationship.

4. The Internet Is Your New Best Friend

When you're depressed, you'll tend to spend more time on social media sites such as Facebook. With all the things you can look up online, it's no wonder that many people tend to find solace there.

5. You Don't Have Many Friends

This might be a sign that you're depressed - when you don't have many friends. When you're in this state, your world may seem like it's only you, so being alone is not necessarily bad. But there are other symptoms of depression that are unusual for people who are generally social creatures. When you suddenly want to spend your free hours indoors and don't want those dinner dates anymore, then it might be a sign that something is wrong.

6. You're Always Tired

When you're constantly tired, your body may have an unusual amount of stress. This usually happens if you've been working too much or doing things beyond your physical capacity. But you should also consider the fact that sleep deprivation can lead to depression. So the next time you feel too tired to go out, think about it.

7. You're Gambling More Than You Should

Gambling should be a recreational activity that can make you relax or have some fun at the end of a stressful workday. But when it becomes more important for you to go to casinos and do whatever is necessary to win, then it's time to start thinking about your mental health. If you continue like this, your gambling problem may become an addiction and prove to be very serious.

8. You're Neglecting Self-Care

When a usually neat person suddenly becomes careless and unkempt, it can be a sign of depression. It's normal sometimes to neglect personal hygiene if you're too upset about something or someone, but not so much that it becomes part of your usual behavior. Not taking care of yourself in this way could cause major problems if the condition continues for a significant period of time and may even lead to health issues.

9. You Become Forgetful

According to experts, depression can alter the part of the brain associated with learning and memory. You may forget things more often while going through a depressive period, and it can be exhausting to try to remember where you put the car keys. Depression symptoms typically become worse if this condition is ignored or not treated in some way.

10. You're Drinking Excessively

You might have been drinking one or two bottles before. But once depression kicks in, you suddenly start drinking more than your body can handle. Some people resort to drinking as a coping mechanism in a desperate attempt to numb their pain.

11. You're Experiencing Pain

When you suddenly start feeling some sort of pain that you can't explain the cause, it could be one of the telltale signs of depression. Many depressed people experience neck and lower back pain. This is mainly because depressed people are more sensitive to discomfort and pain. You may even start feeling some stomachaches and headaches.

12. Your Sex Life Sucks

A sudden change in your sexual desires is one of the many signs of depression you should look for. When you feel like not having sex with your partner, you could probably be depressed. This is mainly because people with depression aren't able to enjoy anything they do, and sex might be no exception.

While others feel the loss of libido, other depressed people may engage in unhealthy sexual behaviors. You may find yourself fornicating, having unprotected sex, or even trying positions you were never interested in before.


Sometimes depression symptoms aren't so obvious, and it can take time before you know you're depressed. But you should always be on the lookout for any behavioral changes that seem to affect your life. If you or any person close to you is showing the above signs, get the help of a mental health professional.

It's not easy to get treatment for depression, but it's worth it. Being depressed is no fun, and treatment can make you feel like yourself again.


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