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Sometimes, it is difficult to remember the names of medication you are taking. This difficulty increases if more than one family member is taking medication regularly.

As different health conditions may require prescription drugs, generic drugs, over the counter drugs or a combination, keeping the exact dosage in mind takes toll on the people taking it. In this situation, a “Medicine Tracker” can help ease the pressure.

What is a Medicine Tracker?

As the name suggests, a Medicine Tracker is an easy to use tracker that helps to keep a record of all medications prescribed on a single piece of paper. This is easily completed by filling in all the columns with the prescribed medication(s), either by yourself or with the help of your registered medical practitioner.

What are the benefits of a Medicine Tracker?

  • Key information in one place

All important information can be noted in one place. It is particularly useful when re-filling your order, or ordering for a family member.

  • Keep a tab on allergies

When a medical practitioner prescribes any drugs, they always check for allergies if any, as certain medication may not be suitable. This tracker will help in keeping this information handy.

  • Track medications for your family members too

If any family members also take medication, their information can be included on this tracker as well. The member who re-orders can refer to the details mentioned and place their order likewise.

  • Emergencies

In case of any emergencies or unforeseen situations, this tracker would be handy as all details including prescribed medication(s) and doctor information is included. Also, if the patient is not in a position to give this information, family members can easily provide this information on their behalf.

Many people have a habit of tracking their weight, height, diet or blood pressure but they forget to maintain a proper record of their medications.

With this new Medicine Tracker by PlanetDrugsDirect, you will find it easy to keep a written log of medications and important medical information to lead a healthy life.

To take control over your medication and health,

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