How Does Flixotide Inhaler Work?

When you use a Flixotide inhaler, it’s very important to know how it works. This is a product that you can use daily as a way to reduce the redness and swelling in your throat and lungs and help to reduce the sensitivity in the airways.

According to Asthma Australia, a Flixotide inhaler is categorized as a “preventer.” This means that it is designed to prevent asthma attacks. Your doctor may adjust the dosage periodically to ensure that your asthma is being property controlled. Right now, it is one of the top ways to improve any symptoms that you may encounter.

The Flixotide inhaler contains fluticasone propionate, which is the active ingredient to help reduce the inflammation of the lungs, which is generally responsible for an asthma attack. You will typically see symptoms begin to improve approximately four to seven days after the treatment. You want to make sure you continue to use the medicine, however, so that you can prevent them from coming back.

Fluticasone is a type of corticosteroid. Your body produces corticosteroids naturally within your adrenal glands. When your body cannot produce enough to ensure that your inflammatory responses are where they need to be, your doctor will recommend the use of a synthetic version. This will decrease the inflammation and ensure that you are getting the necessary relief.

When you use the Flixotide inhaler, you are breathing the synthetic corticosteroid into your lungs. The cells found in the airways and the lungs are absorbing the medicine and this is going to prevent them from releasing certain chemicals that would otherwise cause the inflammation. The corticosteroid is a primary component of your immune system and ensures that you don’t have allergic responses.

With asthma, airways will tighten when there is an inflammation and when there is mucus blocking the airways. This is when you get the shortness of breath. The Flixotide inhaler works to dry up this mucus and reduce the swelling so that you can get the proper amount of air through your airways to breathe comfortably once again.

It’s important to note that the Flixotide inhaler works as a preventer, not to treat an asthma attack. You may have a separate inhaler that is used when you are in the middle of an asthma attack. However, the hope is that when you use the inhaler on a daily basis, you will reduce inflammation and swelling to the point that you do not experience any further asthma attacks – or that when you do, they are considerably lighter than what they had been in the past.

When you go to your doctor, he or she will ask you about the frequency of asthma attacks and give you an examination to see how red and swollen your airways are. In some instances, your dosage will be adjusted to ensure that the right amount of the corticosteroids is being delivered to your airways.

By understanding how the Flixotide inhaler works, you can be sure that it is being used correctly and that you are telling your doctor about your success with the current dosage.

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