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Understanding Your Medication – How Salbutamol CFC Free Inhaler (Ventolin) Works

Ventolin is a prescription medication that is often used to prevent spasms in the bronchial tubes or to treat spasms that are already present. It can be used by people who are as young as four years of age. This drug is also used by people who experience exercise induced spasms in the bronchial tubes. This is a drug that is typically used by people who suffer from asthma.

When you get the inhaler, you will notice that there are two parts. One is called the actuator. This is what sprays the medication into your mouth. The other part of the inhaler is a metal canister. This holds the medication. When you are out of medicine, you can get the canister refilled or get a new one to attach to the actuator. A plastic protective piece covers the mouth area to decrease bacteria buildup. There is a strap on the actuator that connects to the cover so that it will not get lost. Avoid using the mouthpiece with a different kind of inhaler. It usually won’t fit properly. You should also avoid using a canister with a different mouthpiece as the canister won’t attach securely to the mouthpiece. The pharmacist can help you with putting a new canister back on the mouthpiece after it is refilled. Some canisters don’t need to be removed in order for them to be filled.

Using the Ventolin HFA inhaler is easy for most people. The doctor will show you how to use the inhaler in the office, and you will often be instructed to demonstrate that you know how to use it before leaving. Before using the inhaler, it must be primed. The FDA states that this should also be done if it has not been used in over 14 days. Remove the inhaler from the packaging, and then remove the cover on the mouthpiece. Shake the canister well, and spray the medication into the air away from your face. Spray the medication three more times. When using the inhaler, you need to make sure that the canister is securely attached to the mouthpiece. Do this each time the inhaler is used. Ensure that there are no foreign objects in the mouthpiece that can get into the mouth.

Shake the canister before spraying into the mouth. Hold the inhaler with the mouthpiece pointed down. Breathe out through the mouth, and push as much air from the lungs as possible. Place your lips around the mouthpiece, and depress the top of the canister until the medication sprays in the mouth. Breathe in deeply and slowly so that the medication gets into the lungs. Take the canister out of the mouth, but keep the mouth closed. Try to hold your breath for about 10 seconds. This is usually long enough for the medication to begin circulating through the respiratory system.

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