Memantine Hydrochloride

Ebixa (Rx)
10mg Tablet
Namenda is also marketed internationally under the name Ebixa
Manufactured by Rottendorf Pharma - Product of Turkey - Shipped from Turkey

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Memantine Hydrochloride (Rx)
5mg Tablet
Manufactured by Sun Pharm. Ltd - Product of India - Shipped from Singapore
Memantine Hydrochloride (Rx)
10mg Tablet
Manufactured by Various (UK) - Product of UK/EU - Shipped from United Kingdom

(Rx) - indicates only available by prescription

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Namenda Description

Namenda is a medication that is used in the treatment of moderate to severe dementia of the Alzheimer's subtype. This is a medication that is known as a NMDA receptor antagonist and it acts to block the excess activity of a chemical in the brain known as glutamate. By blocking glutamate one can effectively reduce the symptoms associated with Alzheimer's disease. As well as it's use for Alzheimer's type dementia, there may be other conditions where Namenda is a good choice of medication for you and so do not be surprised if your doctor prescribes you this medication for another condition.

Namenda Directions

As is the case with all drugs, it is vital that you carefully follow the instructions given to you by your doctor. In most cases this will be written on the label of the medicine bottle or box and you must read this information very carefully. If you do happen to have any questions about how to take this medicine then you should talk to your pharmacist, nurse or doctor and they will be happy to help you. You must not crush, break or chew this medicine and should instead swallow it whole with a glass of water. It is not important if you take this medicine with food or on an empty stomach, however you must not mix the medicine in with your food or with any liquid. Where you keep the medicine is very important and in this case it must be stored at room temperature (77 degrees F) away from the sun and in the bottle or box provided or in an airtight container. You must take the medicine as directed by your doctor and if you can take it at the same time everyday i.e. at breakfast time, then that may help you to remember. It is very important that you take this medicine everyday as directed and do not miss a dose, even if you are feeling better. Failure to take your medicine as directed will likely result in the worsening of your symptoms. In the unfortunate scenario that you do forget to take a dose, you must take the missed dose as soon as you remember unless this is near the time of your next dose. In this case you should just forget about the missed dose and carry on with your normal schedule, as you must never take two doses of a single medication at the same time. If you have any concerns then you should contact your pharmacist, nurse or doctor for more information.

Namenda Cautions

First and foremost you should not take Namenda if you have experienced an allergic or other adverse reaction to it or any other ingredient that is used in the production of Namenda. If you are worried that you may have had an adverse reaction to Namenda in the past then you should discuss this with your doctor. Stopping a medicine suddenly will often result in a worsening of symptoms and side effects and in most cases your doctor will want you to come off a medicine slowly, a process known as tapering. There may be tests that are required by your doctor to check for side effects and/or monitor how effective the medicine is for you, however your doctor will talk to you about what is required. It is important to attend all laboratory and doctor appointments while you are taking Namenda and additional appointments may be necessary when a change to the dose is made and during the initial starting period. As this medicine may take several weeks to reach its full effect you should avoid performing tasks such as driving, operating heavy machinery or any other dangerous activities during this time. Namenda can make you feel dizzy therefore you should wait until you know what effects it has on your body before you partake in the above activities. You should be extra careful if taking medicines containing dextromethorphan. Namenda may have adverse effects on the fetus in pregnant women and so all women who may be thinking about getting pregnant should weigh up the pros and cons of taking this medicine during pregnancy with their doctor. Also there is not enough research for us to know if Namenda is excreted in the breast milk and so general advice at this time is to not breast-feed while on this medication.

Namenda Side Effects

As is the case with most drugs Namenda is not without its side effects. Some of the things that you may notice when taking this medication include: tiredness, headache, constipation, or dizziness, These may be minor and go away during the course of treatment, however if they do bother you then you must talk to your doctor. Namenda was prescribed to you, as your doctor believes that the benefits will outweigh the side effects and so it is usual to expect some symptoms. However these symptoms should not cause you major discomfort and if this is the case then please talk to your doctor. You must talk to your doctor as soon as possible if you experience any changes in your behavior such as depression, aggressiveness, or anxiety. Fortunately it is uncommon for someone to have an allergic reaction to this medicine, however they do occur and if you notice severe dizziness, a rash, itching, trouble breathing or swelling then you must seek immediate medical attention. If you experience any symptoms that worry you, even if they are not listed above, then it is vital that you talk to your doctor, pharmacist or nurse about it.
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